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BeastLake 5K & Obstacle Course Race

Saturday July 3rd, 2021

Moneta, VA

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Eastlake Community Church invites you to participate in the 3rd Annual Beastlake 5K and Obstacle Course races on Saturday July 3. This is a community event open to all people, of all fitness levels, from the novice to the hardcore athlete. Choose from one of three events that best suits your fitness and skill level. This event raises fund for Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy.

5K Run/Walk:  $25 (Apr - July 3)
5K Obstacle Course:  $45 (Apr - July 3)
1.5 Mile Obstacle Course Fun Event  (individual):  $25 (Apr - July 3)
*1.5 Mile Obstacle Course Fun Event (FAMILY):  $45 (Apr - July 3)
           *shirts available for additional $5.00 if choosing FAMILY 1.5mi Obstacle Course Fun Event.

Special pricing is available for groups of 10+ for the 5K Obstacle Course event only.  Participants should select and/or create a group when registering. Ten dollars will be refunded to group members once the total group size reaches a minimum of 10 or more.
This option is available until June 30, 2021.


Registration fees are non-transferable & non-refundable. An entry can only be used for the person registered for the entry. Entries cannot be deferred to the following year or a future event.

PACKET PICKUP -  Eastlake Community Church (Main Street) 1201 Timberwood Dr. Moneta, VA 24121
Friday (July 2nd) 4:30PM - 6:30PM
Saturday (July 3rd) 6:30AM  - 8:45AM


Participants registered on or before Sunday June 20th are guaranteed a shirt. A limited number of extra shirts will be available on a first-come basis at packet pickup.

Please Note:  Family pricing for the 1.5mi Obstacle Course Fun Event does not include a shirt. Shirts can be purchased for $5.00 each with Family pricing.

AWARDS:  (5K Run & 5K Obstacle Course ONLY)
FINISHER MEDALS - presented at the finish line race day
Top 3 Overall Male and Female, 
Top 2  Male and Female in each age group (14 and under, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 and over). Rankings are based on "chip" time minus any bonus time.
*This is a Chip timed event, Disposable MyLaps Race Bib Technology will be used.

Due to current social distancing recommendations, we are currently planning to limit all heats to less than 50 people.
No awards will be given for the 1.5 mile Family Fun Run OC.


          5K Run / Walk - Waves (8:00am & 8:15am)
The 5k is a cross country course that winds through the new Eastlake property. It is a rolling course with great views. This will be an official course with electronic timing for the competitive runner. All skill levels are welcome including walkers. We want everyone to get moving and join us in this fun and fundraising event for Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy.

        Beast Lake Obstacle 5k - Waves (7:30am, 7:45am, 8:30am 8:45am)
The Beastlake Obstacle course is designed to test your total fitness including strength, speed, agility, balance, and endurance. The obstacle course race follows the trail of the 5K Race. Along the side of the trail will be 12 obstacles including the signature Ninja wall. The obstacles are designed to test speed, strength, agility, balance and stamina. This race will be chip timed with awards for overall and age group finishers. Experience a new challenge over Independence weekend with this fun and physically demanding race.

        Beastlake Obstacle Course Family Fun Run - Waves (9:00am, 9:15am)
The Family Fun Run is a scaled down version of race. It is 1.5 miles in length and contains 7 obstacles. This run is designed for people who are new to obstacle course racing, families who want to participate with their children. Basically anyone who wants to try a new fitness experience. The run will be timed but the emphasis is on fellowship and participation over results and a personal best time.

New obstacles have been added and old favorites have been modified to continually improve the course.

1.  Military crawl. Crawl under a 20 feet long 18” high rope and pvc pipe obstacle.

2.  Spider climb. Climb up and over the rope web sandwiched between two trees.

3.  NEW: Climb the 14 ft. rope attached to a tree

4.  Hay bale rope swing. Climb atop an approximately 6 ft hay bale and swing to the next hay bale.

5.  Tire agility drill. Step through a series of tires.

6.  Balance beam. Maintain your balance crossing a 20 ft log. 

7.  Jungle Gym Rope Obstacle with Rings. Modified for this year. We used this obstacle last year but added rings instead of knots at the end of the ropes. 

8.  Hay bale hurdles. Hurdle over 6 rectangular hay bales.

9.  Tire flip. (5K OC only). Flip a large tire 5 times.

10.  Log carry (5k OC only). Lift and carry a heavy log through a PVC lined maze, ducking through and around a couple of tight areas.

11.  NEW. Footwork agility drill. (5K OC only). Similar to the tire agility drill. You must step through a series of ropes attached to a PVC grid inches from the ground.

12.  Warped wall. 14ft foot warped wall built to the specs of the wall on American Ninja Warrior. This is a bonus obstacle. It is not required but there is a 3:00 time bonus/deduction for successfully going up and over the wall. The fastest way to complete is to run straight up the wall but ropes and climbing aids are attached to give all competitors a reasonable shot at conquering this obstacle.

13.  Slanted steps. Modified for this year. The slanted steps have been lengthened and anchored to improve this obstacle. Jump from side to side without touching the ground.

14.  NEW. The Floorless Room. Similar to the spider jump on American Ninja warrior, competitors must use their arms and legs pressed against plywood walls to cross an 8 ft wall section without touching the ground.

15.  Hay bale mountain. Last but not least, when you are really tired, you must climb over three hay bales. Two form the base with one stacked in the middle. Approximate height is 12 feet. Good news. The finish is downhill.
Rules. Competitors must not skip any obstacles. The lone exception is the Ninja wall which is optional. An honest effort must be made to complete all obstacles. A penalty exercise must be done for any obstacle not successfully completed.

1st penalty. 20 jumping jacks
2nd penalty. 20 Push ups
3rd penalty. 20 burpees


Race Distances

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FAMILY PRICING - Obstacle Course 1.5 miles Click to Find Out Register »
INDIVIDUAL PRICING - Obstacle Course 1.5 m... Click to Find Out Register »
Obstacle Course 5K Click to Find Out Register »
5K (Run/Walk Only) Click to Find Out Register »
5K (Run/Walk Only) Click to Find Out Register »
Obstacle Course 5K Click to Find Out Register »
INDIVIDUAL PRICING - Obstacle Course 1.5 m... Click to Find Out Register »
FAMILY PRICING - Obstacle Course 1.5 miles Click to Find Out Register »
5K (Run/Walk Only) Click to Find Out Register »
Obstacle Course 5K Click to Find Out Register »
Obstacle Course 1.5 miles Click to Find Out Register »
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1201 Timberwood Drive, Moneta, VA

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