RaceMob Podcast Episodes

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From Operating Table to Runner: How Open-Heart Surgery Gave Scott Strool a New Perspective

Episode #32

In this episode Scott Strool talks about his experience as an athlete who started running in his 50s after an open-heart surgery. Listen to him talk about life, recovery, community and geek out about shoes and recovery gear.

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Recapping 2020 and Audacious Goals for 2021 - RaceMob

Episode #31

In this episode we recap 2020, and talk about our goals for 2021!

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Building Community, Virtual Adventures, and Running Fast with Marathon Matt Forsman of SF Run Club and Sasquatch Racing

Episode #30

Coach and Race Director - 'Marathon' Matt Forsman talks about building a community for runners, coaching athletes, and becoming a race director.

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Strength Training and Weight Management for Runners with Crossfit Coach Devin Lopez

Episode #29

Devin Lopez helps us with strength training exercises for runners, programming workouts, and nutrition tips for weight management.

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Running Across Africa - Ultra-Adventurer Véronique Chats About Long Distance Running Trips

Episode #28

Véronique Bourbeau talks about finding her love for running, and planning a running adventure across Africa.

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Ultra-Running & Entrepreneurship - Legendary Coach, Egg Weights Co-Founder, and Ultra-Marathon Champ - Bree Lambert

Episode #27

Bree Lambert - legendary coach and ultra-running champion joins the podcast to talk about overcoming injury, running ultras, running form, and Egg Weights.

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The "Yoda" of PT - Using Technology to Give Runners a Competitive Blueprint with Kevin Vandi

Episode #26

Kevin Vandi - the "yoda" of PT - talks to us about the technology that they use at Competitive Edge. And common running form mistakes, injuries, and a blueprint on how to improve.

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Running After Hip Replacements - a 140 lbs weight-loss journey with Samuel Pappas

Episode #25

RaceMob community member Samuel Pappas reached out to us to tell his story. A retired Airforce veteran, Samuel had reach 260 lbs and required 2 hip replacement surgeries. Then, incredibly, he turned his life around...

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The Top 17 Tips Every Runner Should Know

Episode #24

Here are the top 17 tips for beginner runners! These were collected from our community of runners - with over 800 comments. We categorized and ranked them based on the number of people mentioning each one.

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Runner's World Founder: Bob Anderson - building a media empire, meeting his idols, and continuing to innovate

Episode #23

Learn how Bob started Runner's World as a high school kid, and built it into a media empire. Listen to stories about how he got to meet his idols and learn about what he's up to now.