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Overcoming Obstacles and Loving Your Body - with Gym Owner, Author, and Personal Trainer Vanessa Bogenholm

Episode #65

Coach Vanessa Bogenholm talks about weight loss, becoming a successful coach and entrepreneur, and supporting a charitable organization.

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Wonder Woman Nicole Shehadi Varnell on Motherhood, Breast Cancer, and Crushing PRs

Episode #64

In this episode, Nicole Varnell tells us her story, from dealing with loss to becoming an endurance athlete, while balancing motherhood, running and work.

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Races, Challenges, and Training (Oh My!) - RaceMob's August Updates

Episode #63

Let's talk about community support, the Olympic trials, challenges and training.

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It's Not All About Winning - Racing for the Line, Racing for Time and Learning from defeat with John Burton

Episode #62

In this episode, John Burton talks about his accomplishments and shortcomings as an Ultra Athlete, his upbringing and how he rocked a golden speedo.

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Hammering Down Your Hydration Plan with Hammer Nutrition Founder Brian Frank - Part 2

Episode #61

In the second part of this interview with Brian Frank, we'll dive into his detailed race day fueling and hydration strategy, alternatives for hydration, his recovery protocol and the results of a study regarding the effects of sodium in the body.

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Hammering Down Your Hydration Plan with Hammer Nutrition Founder Brian Frank

Episode #60

In the first part of this interview we're featuring Brian Frank, the founder and CEO of Hammer Nutrition, to talk about his company and his products, his nutrition phylosofy, and how it can help athletes achieve their goals.

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This World Record Holder's Incredible Story from Overweight to Ultramarathon Champ with Sandra Villines

Episode #58

Sandra Villines, a single mother and humble athlete, tells us about her journey to lose weight, becoming an Ultra athlete, and setting an impossible world record.

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How Consistency and Community Inspired His 70lb Weightloss Journey and Push Him to New Heights with Patrick Alejandro Loera

Episode #57

In this episode, you'll learn how Patrick rekindled a love for physical activity after a long sedentary period. The advice for overweight runners that he wish he knew when he started. Why a chance encounter on a race course changed his fitness journey. And the benefits of having a running coach such as Coach B for hitting your goals.

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Prevent Injury with Quick and Easy Strength Routines, Warmup Exercises, and Recovery Method From Rocket PT's Irina Stiasny

Episode #56

Irina Stiasny joins Kevin Chang and Bertrand Newson to talk about becoming a physical therapist, avoiding injury and being a busy mom and business owner at the same time as keeping a busy run schedule.

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RaceMob Updates - Western States and Olympic trials, the Cut The Crap challenge, Town Hall Q&A and Celebrating Life

Episode #55

In this episode let's talk about some updates, news and other fun things, from Western States and Olympic trials, to our own lives!