RaceMob Podcast Episodes

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Running Form, Training Advice, and Returning from Adversity from Coach Jay Ridgeway

Episode #93

On popular demand, Jay Ridgeway comes back to give us more priceless insight and tips on how every athlete can elevate their fitness and overcome obstacles.

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Building an Ideal Training Plan with Strength Running's Jason Fitzgerald

Episode #94

We dive into the nitty gritty of training plan creation and strength training routines for runners, and find ways to personalize training for your specific goals. Plus some of the behind-the-scenes with Coach B, Jason, and Matt Fitzgerald at a recent Endeavorun retreat.

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Ultramarathoner, K-9 Lover, Epic Road Trip Fitness Adventure and CBD Athlete Jimmy “JQ” Quilenderino

Episode #95

In this episode of the RaceMob Podcast we are joined by Jimmy Q. If you're looking for some motivation, inspiration, and focus to help fight all those common excuses then this episode is for you.

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Coaches of Color Initiative Recipient and Trail Running Badass - Jessica Schnier

Episode #91

Jessica is the inaugural grantee of the Coaches of Color Initiative, and she talks about the practice and business of being a coach.

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The Thrilling Adventures of Endorphin Dude Part 3. - The Quest for a 200 Mile Buckle

Episode #92

Our caped crusader is back to rise to a new challenge and push his body way beyond what he thought was possible.

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RaceMob Catch Up with Kevin Chang and Bertrand Newson

Episode #89

Kevin and Bertrand got together to give us an update on what is going on with the community, the Coaches of Color Initiative, all of the friends out there crushing PRs, and what is coming in the upcoming weeks.

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Inspiration and Community with Ingrid Christiansen - From weighting 300 pounds to endurance runner and with a 850+ days running streak

Episode #90

Inspiration and Community with Ingrid Christiansen - From weighing 300 pounds to endurance runner and with 850+ days running streak

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Around the Crown 10k - Inclusion and Sustainability with Brian Mister

Episode #88

Brian Mister talks about the challenges and achievements of Around the Crown 10k through the pandemic while keeping up with accessibility and inclusivity.

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The RaceMob Podcast is Back! Updates, news and growth!

Episode #87

Kevin and Bertrand are back with news and updates about contributing to the growth of the running community, Races, and the Podcast.

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Endeavorun Austin Retreat Panel Part 1 - With Matt Fitzgerald, Bertrand Newson Amanda Brooks, and Dr. Asher Henry, hosted by Jake tuber and Hannah Hunstad

Episode #86

This episode is part one of a three-part series recorded at the recent Endeavorun retreat. The four panelists are all coaches, and in this episode, they answer three key questions.