RaceMob Podcast Episodes

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Essential Running Tips for Training, Injury Prevention, and Form with Strength Running's Jason Fitzgerald

Episode #38

Jason Fitzgerald, the man behind the Strength Running Podcast, talks about the show, gives training advice and teaches us about what elite athletes do: take it easy.

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Nando Gonzales - Too Legit, Taji100, Belt Buckles, Brews, and Friendship

Episode #37

Nando Gonzales tells us about weight loss, ultra running, breaking PRs, running safely with a dog partner and beer tasting.

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Kofuzi (Mike Ko) on Making Stunning Running Videos, Attracting an Audience, and Experimenting with Training Plans

Episode #36

In this episode of the RaceMob Podcast Mike Kofuzi talks about running and training, his marathon experience, and being a Youtube influencer. He gives tips for growing an audience online and tells us about his training experiments.

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RRCA Club President of the Year John Brust on Family, Coaching, and Building Community

Episode #35

In this episode, John Brust talks to us about how he's building a tight knit community with the SFRRC. He tells us stories from races all over the world, including a marathon in Antartica. And he talks about how running helped him cope with losing his mom, and bonded his family even closer.

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Pirates, BHAGs, and Kids (Oh My)! Educator, Speaker, and Author Adam Welcome

Episode #34

In this episode, Adam Welcome talks about running, education, technology and how it can lead us towards a better future.

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Cut The Crap! Eat Like This and Feel Incredible Featuring Toni Julian

Episode #33

In this episode, you'll learn the events that influenced Toni's transition into a healthy lifestyle, how she got ready to compete in a figure competition, and her philosophy on nutrition.

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From Operating Table to Runner: How Open-Heart Surgery Gave Scott Strool a New Perspective

Episode #32

In this episode Scott Strool talks about his experience as an athlete who started running in his 50s after an open-heart surgery. Listen to him talk about life, recovery, community and geek out about shoes and recovery gear.

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Recapping 2020 and Audacious Goals for 2021 - RaceMob

Episode #31

In this episode we recap 2020, and talk about our goals for 2021!

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Building Community, Virtual Adventures, and Running Fast with Marathon Matt Forsman of SF Run Club and Sasquatch Racing

Episode #30

Coach and Race Director - 'Marathon' Matt Forsman talks about building a community for runners, coaching athletes, and becoming a race director.

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Strength Training and Weight Management for Runners with Crossfit Coach Devin Lopez

Episode #29

Devin Lopez helps us with strength training exercises for runners, programming workouts, and nutrition tips for weight management.