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Loosen Up to Run Fast with Yoga, Pilates, and Anatomy Expert Frances Taylor

Episode #48

Frances Taylor is an incredible yoga instructor, Pilates teacher and anatomy expert. She will tell us about how Yoga can improve our running, our range of motion and our overall wellness.

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Tips for Triathletes and Operating Live Races with CEO of Negative Split Ryan Hite

Episode #47

In this episode, you'll learn how Ryan Hite got into triathlons, how he and his wife created a tremendously successful race organization, and how he was able to keep live races going during the pandemic.

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"Mr. Motivation" Ignites Your Inner Passion featuring Adam Duran

Episode #46

Adam Duran talks to us about his humble beginnings, becoming a law enforcement officer, his running adventures, giving back to the community and motivation.

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21 Race Day Hacks - Tips and Advice to Crush on Race Day

Episode #45

Kevin and Bertrand talk about 21 hacks that will help you crush on your race day and hit new PRs.

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Community, Training, and Boston Qualifying Tips from Coach Sara Manderscheid

Episode #44

In this episode of the RaceMob Podcast, Sara Manderscheid tells us about her running journey, becoming a certified coach, qualifying for Boston on her fisrt try and Run Camps.

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Practical Weight Loss Advice from the Principal Who Lost Over 150 lbs - with Gerald Schattle

Episode #43

In this episode, Gerald Schattle will tell us about his inspiring fitness journey, how he manages to keep a training schedule while being a busy principal and how he leans on the local community for accountability.

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Run Faster - Performance Tips and Training Methods to Help You PR Your Next Race

Episode #42

In this episode Kevin Chang and Coach "B" break down performance tips and training methods that will help you identify your weakest links, and help you reach new PRs.

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A Live Race! Plus - Diversity, Coaching, and Becoming Influencers with Tommy and India from Atlanta's Run Duo Podcast

Episode #41

In this episode we chat with the Run Duo about the importance of diversity and important steps that we're seeing towards inclusion, India breaks down her recent experience getting coaching certified and the unique program she's coaching with, plus dive into some podcasting tips from these industry veterans.

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The Epic Adventures of Endorphin Dude! Pt. 2: Quest for the Buckle

Episode #40

In this episode, we talk to Tony about his quest to conquer ultra marathons, and what he's learned from his experiences.

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The Epic Adventures of Endorphin Dude! Pt. 1: Origin Story - From overweight diabetic to 52 marathons in 52 weeks!

Episode #39

It's a bird. It's a plane. Wait, could it be?!?! Yes! It's the one and only Endorphin Dude. In 2009 an overweight and unhealthy Tony collapsed in his apartment. Looking into his dog's eyes, he decided to make a change. What started with a 10-minute walk around the block, turned into a quest for a half-marathon, then a full marathon, and then an epic adventure to complete 52 marathons in 52 weeks.