RaceMob Special Episode - What Are You Thankful For, with Gabriel Caetano

RaceMob Special Episode - What Are You Thankful For, with Gabriel Caetano


We've got a very special episode this week.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. And so got an obviously good friend and cohost Coach "B" on the podcast this morning, as well as our producer Gabriel Caetano, live from Brazil.

We just wanted to come together to let you guys all know what we have been thankful for this 2021.


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[00:00:00] Kevin Chang:
It's incredible to be able to yeah. Make these connections, meet these people, have this platform that kind of draws people in and, and, you know, have an outlet for them to ask questions and join a community and then be able to. Follow up on that journey, meet them in person, you know, make that, make that race day all the more memorable and all the more fun.

Hello and welcome to the RaceMob podcast. This is episode number 76.

I'm Kevin entrepreneur technology and fitness nerd. And I'm joined by the head coach of RaceMob and master motivator, the incomparable Bertrand Newson.

Hey, there RaceMob audience. We've got a very special episode today. We are coming to you on Thanksgiving morning.

We're recording this just about a week in advance. Many of you may be running a Turkey trot this morning out on the road. Having a wonderful time with your amazing friends. And we have a lot to be thankful for this year. And so got a obviously good friend and cohost Coach "B" on the podcast this morning, as well as the, behind the scenes, the man himself, our producer Gabriel live from Brazil.

And so we just wanted to come together. Let's you guys all know what we have been thankful for this 2021. So thank you guys for joining us on the podcast.

[00:01:23] Bertrand Newson:
Yeah, our pleasure and a big thanks to UKC. This is really your, your vision. Your idea, your passion has planted the seeds of thought and health and wellness, has United people from coast to coast and around the globe.

We have contributors as in Gabriel and Scott strudel who are, you know, don't live in our backyard here in the bay area, but are absolutely members of the RaceMob community that are contributors and helping spread our love of health and wellness, fellowship laughter and sharing some good tips and meeting some wonderful individuals in the process.

So lots to be thankful for, but putting the spotlight squarely on you, Kevin, we all thank you and are incredibly happy for you and your wife as you guys are doing. Any day now, any day.

[00:02:17] Kevin Chang:
By the time this air, for sure. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, the latest is Thanksgiving morning would be the latest date that we will potentially have her.

So we, we might be at the hospital as this recording goes live, or just on our way to the hospital. So yeah, so thankful for that. I mean, what crazy year 20, 21 has been for so many people, but definitely for Christina and me, it has been such a joyous year. And we're so thankful obviously for this new bundle of joy coming, come into us.

So, yeah. Awesome.

Gabrielle, since we don't have you on the podcast so often, what are you thankful for this year?

[00:02:56] Gabriel Caetano:
Wow. You know, I first and foremost, I'm thankful for my beautiful kid. You know, casino is two years and eight months old and going to nine months now. Smart, clever kid, very lively, you know, full of energy sometimes too much.

And uh, yeah, that's the first thing that I'm thankful for, for my family, you know, for my kid, for uh, you know, being able to be together. And I'm also very thankful for being a part of the RaceMob team, you know, be honest, like a big year for over a year now. Right. Yeah, I think we started August.

I started August last year, I think. And uh, wow, it's been great. It's been, you know, an incredible learning process for me. I kinda on and off I'm trying, but I started running because of it as well, you know? And all of the, you know, all of these amazing guests, you know uh, I edited,

you know, I get still have the privilege to listen to the. Before

[00:04:07] Kevin Chang:
everybody else, the raw unedited form of the episodes. Yeah. Yeah. We put you through the paces for sure. I think

that's right. That's right. Well look

[00:04:16] Bertrand Newson:
good. And let's

[00:04:17] Gabriel Caetano:
say, let's say it's the tech side. You know, I'm here to fix the techs. When the tech side doesn't help. I'm here to tell, you know, the guest and the whole Surfline.

[00:04:28] Kevin Chang:
What are you thankful for?

[00:04:29] Bertrand Newson:
So much. And I know we, you know, we, we have to, we can't have a four hour episode.

But I'm thankful to have the best job that I've, you know, in my adult life. Then it has to do a lot with. Um, I look forward to everything to do with RaceMob and of course, to legit fitness, you guys make it fun. You make it interesting. I love the fellowship and brotherhood that we have the ability to interject laughter and humor, and to see the lighter side of things.

It's given me a huge perspective, a great sense of appreciation and being able to see people's journey. Firsthand and the impact by us just sharing some insight and some direction. It's been incredibly rewarding. And I know that there are many, many more opportunities, meaningful milestone moments that our RaceMob community will enjoy.

And we have a first-hand seat that, so thank you all for the support of having just the best job. And it does not feel like work. It does not feel like work. So lots more that we will talk about in this episode that we're all mutually thankful for, but that's certainly one. And I hope that comes through.

I hope people are able to see that. It is fun. I had a great time this morning at the hammer time workout and we had about 15 individuals out there and they were troopers. I mean, getting up there, their alarms are going off at. 4 15, 4 30 in the morning. All these individuals are working professionals with huge responsibilities, kids work, et cetera, et cetera, but they find some level of credibility and getting up in the morning and working hard and they got up.

We're agreed with a one mile time trial and I wanted them to run as hard as it then followed by like eight, 200 meter sprints with a 200 meter recover rep in between. And I say that because most people think one, I don't want to get up that early, too. I don't want to get up and work that hard, but from the dude with a smile on the face, and I think more than the workout, it is the fellowship.

It's the comradery to see that, to see the friendships that are formed and the level of support in person and online and people being asked, you know, Hey, come on in and check out a Hammertime workup. Listen to a RaceMob podcast and sharing tips and ideas on recovery and nutrition and, and tapering is a lot of these people that have ran in many live events and are finishing up the year with a half marathon or a marathon, just to see the comradery is very, very fulfilling.

And I'm thankful to begin to have a first-hand seat to watch all of that in person. And as it takes place on some of our social media platforms.

[00:07:06] Kevin Chang:
Yeah. And for those of you, who've never been to a Hammertime workout and one of these track workouts, I mean, it is so amazing to see the comradery, the community forming, you know, and, and see each other.

The pace, right? I mean, like you're never going to push as much as when others are, they're pushing you and pushing you along. And so I think, you know, both the Hammertime workouts, the track archives, but the amazing events that you and two legit have put together, you know, I mean from pacing, San Jose rock and roll marathon, half marathon to, you know, the, the numerous, numerous weekends, long run activities.

You know, we remember you guys actually. You know, a lot of us had a big struggle going into the pandemic, not knowing, you know, when we were going to see each other again. And, you know, you being able to put on very safe activities in the weekends. I remember, you know, New York city or New York city marathon and all of these like virtual events.

Turn it from virtual into still community driven. And I think that has been fantastic. So, you know, really thankful to the whole two legit crew out there, you in particular Coach "B" and the multiple, you know amazing stories that have come from

[00:08:25] Bertrand Newson:
your. Thank you. Thank you. You know, I always like to say it's, it's not about me.

It's about we and always about our athletes and fellow brothers and sisters. I will take the, the, the, the spotlight and put it right back on the Patrick lawyers of the world. The arenas of the world, Nicole, Jody, Jackie. That can go on and on eater OSH. I mean, so Joanne, so. People that are really the heart and soul of our community and the people who we've met again.

We're, you know, gee, who's joining us from Brazil. Scott strudel, who, you know, resides in new juries, but currently actually a little closer to us on the west coast. He's in Reno, Nevada visiting his son. He got arrived yesterday. So I was hoping there might be an opportunity to get him out to California international marriage.

Um, The first Sunday in December, cause he's going to be out here for a couple of weeks, but he's going to be flying back, I think two or three weeks beforehand. But we will meet Scott Spruill in person cause he's been a huge breath of fresh air for us, a huge advocate and a contributor. You know, he's, he's done a lot on behind the scenes and on air with us, two podcasts, three podcasts actually.

And you know, his gear recommendations have been very helpful for RaceMob community members. Good stuff.

[00:09:37] Kevin Chang:
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think, you know, we started this podcasts mainly because like we wanted to hang out, help people kind of through their running journey. Right. We made a lot of mistakes in our early running career.

You know, I know my first marathon was not the. Marathon in the world and like finding your community out there, finding other people. I think that's always been, you know, a big, big goal of ours. And so very thankful that this year we've had such amazing
podcast guests who are experts in. In the field.

Right. And I think we've had podcast guests like Mike , who's an expert storyteller who, you know, has grown his YouTube channel. So tremendously. So for those that are looking to, you know, get a little uh, ADAP out there on Instagram, on YouTube. I mean, I think what a great resource to be able to chat with him, we've had some experts scientists, you know, expert you know, we have recently had Dr.

Jana Cohain talk to us about hydration. We had. Frank from hammer nutrition, CEO, entrepreneur just have some incredible, incredible knowledge that he was able to drop. For all of us Jason Fitzgerald, who has one of the top podcasts out there for runners talk about strength training and the importance of long runs.

You know, for training. So I just, I'm thankful that we've had such incredible guests, as well as just the incredible stories. You know, Dean Karnazes, who has been a hero of mine since I got into running early on, you know, having him as a podcast guest, I th that was just. And incredible moment and talking about Scott through, I mean, we wouldn't have had him on the bike ass if it weren't for the incredible community, reaching out to, you know, some of their heroes and starting these conversations and telling them, Hey, this is a podcast I listened to you.

You've got to come on this podcast. And you know, Dean being so gracious. And being so incredible. You know, that, that was amazing. And for me, I mean, I think one of the, one of my all time, favorite podcasts and one that will always go down in history is endorphin. Dude. We, we talked about him on the very first podcast.

You know, what he meant to me especially during my weight loss journey during the early days and finding him. Smile. And then, you know, obviously I've met him a couple of times in person, but having his story on the show. I mean, I think it was just tremendous. It was just incredible. And I think that's one of the reasons why we do this podcast is.

Sometimes you can hear some of these experts, some of the stories from, you know, some of these well-known folks on other podcasts, you know, they won't be, they won't sound as great. They won't be produced as well because, you know, they don't have Gabrielle in their corner, but, but we also love uncovering some of the hidden stories of the stories that go on told and you know, endorphin dude, I think one of these, you know, just incredible stories.

So I'm thankful for these guests.

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I guess, let me kick that back to you guys. What has been some of your favorite podcasts?

Yes, let's, let's start off with Gabrielle behind the scenes. You know, I'm going to kick off, you know, as somebody who isn't into running. Ooh. Yeah. What have been some of your favorite favorite podcast guests?

[00:12:57] Gabriel Caetano:
I have few, like, I have to say that I'm this kind of crowd. To laugh. So like, you know, if the podcast was funny, that's, that's definitely among my favorites.

You know, we had like such great guests, like some but I'll say, you know, a few of my favorites were definitely the recent ones that we got with the Latino heritage month. You know, people such as Fernanda and Jasmine we have well, you know, back, you know back you know, a few months ago we have several months ago we had the Avalose siblings.

I really loved that, that one, because that, that one was such a party

and their stories are so good. But one of my favorites ever was Leo. I have absolutely. No, no. I do have some idea, like a, you know, I look at this story like as being a musician you know, being a successful musician as a matter of fact,

[00:14:02] Kevin Chang:
still a successful musician. Yeah.

[00:14:06] Gabriel Caetano:
But like right from the start, you know, and, and the whole art.

Of his life. And it was after that episode that I started to try to run myself, you know, I mean I it's it's, I don't have any similarities in my experiences with him, with his, you know, experiences. So I don't know why, but I really liked that episode. That episode was really strong for me, you know?

And I'd say Jake McCluskey was the first episode that I got better. We had to release some time after, you know, due to some some technical issues with the audio, but I, you know, funnily enough, that it's memorable for me, you know, it was the first one, it was a very difficult story. On the, on the audio side.

But it was also a great story. The endorphin

Yeah, a lot of great people are really fun people we

[00:15:05] Kevin Chang:
all know. And we have to say a big thank you to Coach "B" who, I mean, you know, he, he knew. 30 years ago, right. He knew Jake. He knew Jake from the community. And and again, these are, these are people that you may see on the race course. These are people that you will definitely see in the community.

You know, and they are so supportive of the community, but, you know, coach coach, when you're at these live events It's the, it's the DAP that you give to other people, especially those who are struggling, right? Like every one of these guests that we've had on who have met you on race, chorus, all it says, man, I just remember I was struggling.

I was in the pain cave. I was on my last leg and I got somebody to give me a little pat on the back a whole high five when I'm needed it the most. And and they all remember you Coach "B". And so we just have to thank you for bringing up. You know, and making these connections and you know, people, people, yeah.

Remember you, you are, you are just an incredible force master motivator, as I always like to say. So

[00:16:09] Bertrand Newson:
thank you so much. That's the ultimate con and you know, we have a, we have a platform, we have a voice because of UKC.

[00:16:18] Kevin Chang:
And our audience, right? I mean, I think our audience and our audience, we turn, we turn that right back on our audience who has been listening and you know, giving us support absolutely throughout this year.

So coach coach, who have been some of your favorite podcast guests over this.

[00:16:35] Bertrand Newson:
Okay. Here we go. Ah, there, all of our guests were fantastic. We appreciate your time and contribution. Lots of great takeaways and it's made me a better coach, more informed coach and us as a whole, as, as podcasters Coach Adam Duran.

Wow. Like I said, happy for the. Th the everyday runner, the person getting from X, you know, can I find the time to get up and put in the work? Let me listen. That there, because he does not make, you know, a long long-term runner or endurance athlete um, off the couch or the person has been uh, very important.

Uh, We had a blast, they hosted us on their podcast. I was a laugh Fest and vice versa. One of our really cool and huge, maybe the contributor of the year Tony, Julian, you know, we did two challenges with her. Crap challenge. She is a wonderful advocate of ours. A lot of our community members have seen wonderful weight loss milestones because of her insight and a group hug platform on her private Facebook page.

Wonderful to work with. And we just love her. And her episode was one of our most poplars as well, most popular. And a coach, Jay Ridgeway. Another one of our more popular again, because of the practicality he was talking about running for him, you know, to being able to come to click with Casey and I it just takes that makes the episode it brings a little bit more.

And flavor, and I think it connects and resonates with our audience just a little bit more when they feel that natural connection. And certainly, you know, we just recorded a podcast yesterday with Matt Fitzgerald. He was one of the early, you know, the first five, so to speak that gave us a chance that believed in us and gave us some roots.

Candid feedback. Don't suck. You know, a lot of brokers just don't suck here. We are recording episode 75, 76. I'm looking at a hundred. And the, I, I mean, yeah,

[00:18:27] Kevin Chang:
I just want to echo and double echo. I mean, Tony and the cut, the crap challenge. I mean, I think, you know, not only did our community see a lot of benefit, I think both you and I saw a lot of benefit.

And if there's an episode that. To time and time again, when you are, you know, looking to drop a few pounds, lose a little bit of weight and just feel fantastic and amazing. I mean, I think the tips that she gives, the worksheets that we have downloadable you know, the, the hay cut a few things out for a week or two and see how you feel.

I mean, it's just, there's no better way to restart your system and, you know, get back into the, and get back into the groove then. Tony and I know that she's coming out with her own. Program. And so, you know, we'll, we'll link back up. We'll make sure that, you know, the rest of our audience can see you know, what she is up to.

And, you know, I think that is the fun part about the podcast that not a lot of people know is so many of our guests, not only have we just made the connection, but we continue that friendship, you know, over time as well. You know, we continue to talk to. The Yoda of PT, right? Kevin, Kevin bandy, you know, we continue to talk to them.

You know, we continued to talk to you, egg weights and, and Bri we continue to talk to, yeah, we continue to, you know, I think you were just at running revolution just this last week talking with one of our first guests. And so it's fun just seeing how behind the scenes we continue the conversations.

I know that you're also talking with hammer nutrition about hydration and hydration university. Yeah. It's like we, we form
all these friendships and friendships with experts, expert experts in the field. Right. And it just makes us all the better at, at coaching outreach at helping. And, you know, I just it's just been.

Fantastic journey. I mean, I think I'm so thankful for, you know, I, I'm thankful for being able to put on the podcast and great episodes, but I'm thankful for the connections and the friendships and, you know, being able to meet new, interesting fun people week after week after week. And yeah, I mean, verbal

[00:20:32] Bertrand Newson:

We actually want a podcast. Remember?

[00:20:36] Kevin Chang:
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I think we were doing one of our early challenges last year and I think, you know, again, Challenges, we're still trying to figure out the formula for challenges, but it is something that we will double down on in 2022, because I think that it's just a great motivator and a great way to get people off the couch.

But Samuel came to us and was looking for some coaching advice and said, Hey, I have actually a pretty interesting story. If you want to have us on the podcast. Double hip replacement surgery you know, has lost, I think, over 200 pounds. And you can remember the before and after pictures. Yeah. A hundred and something pounds, you know, the, before a picture in a, you know, in a hospital you know, on crutches and goes from walking on a treadmill to running to, I think now.

Um, Part of the journey, you know, he had never run a race before, right. It was looking for some advice on running races in Florida and in the hot and the heat, and now getting coached by you. I mean, I think it's the latest chapter of that journey. So, you know, following up with guests and you know, continuing that friendship and continuing the story along the way, now

[00:21:46] Bertrand Newson:
that he's running his very first half, very first race ever, it's a half marathon on.

December 4th, so wish you all the best Samuel. And to see his training activity, food is rushing it and joining us in Austin, Texas in February, as part of the endeavor run retreat, we don't know if he's going to do the retreat, but he's planning right now to signing up for the Austin marathon. We'll be able to meet him in person, which is.

[00:22:11] Kevin Chang:
I mean, yeah, it's incredible to be able to yeah. Make these connections, meet these people, have this platform that kind of draws people in and, and, you know, have an outlet for them to ask questions and join a community and then be able to. Follow up on that journey, meet them in person, you know, make that, make that race day all the more memorable and all the more fun.

So yeah, very, very thankful for this platform for all of you, for for you Gabrielle for making all of this behind the scenes happen. Because as we know podcasts, aren't easy to put on. They're not easy to produce. They're not easy to edit. It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of effort behind the scenes and And w we're looking to you as an audience to like, how can we be more impactful in 20, 22?

How can we you know, raise the profile and the level of this podcast going forward and, you know, I think, I think it's not just not just us, right? I mean, I think it takes, it takes a community. It takes a lot of people to make this happen. And so and so we'll, we'll look to you all for, for some advice here, going forward to.

[00:23:18] Bertrand Newson:
Your vision and your leadership and you challenged me. Hey coach. How can we have a more frequent voice and connect with our athletes? A consistent basis what's specific topics, which your vision led to our town hall. Q and A's. We've had many of those, many of our podcasts guests have come back and spoken to our our clients on a more personal level.

One-to-one having. Since it had been incredibly valuable, it was also your brain trial for the August accountability challenge. We had four or five different categories, and those were really, really cool. We met some other members of our RaceMob community, including Cal who lived in the greater Atlanta area who shared his heartwarming story.

He had a double. Lung replacement and was training for the New York marathon. So be following up to see how he did it. If he completed. No worries like that for,

[00:24:14] Kevin Chang:
for him to feel well with that, just want to say thank you again to our RaceMob audience. Hope that you are gobbling up some Turkey today that you are getting out on your Turkey trot runs do hit us up, give us a shout out.

We love to hear about your journeys, your adventures, your stories what you're going through. And again, I think all, all. All extremely thankful for 2021 and really looking forward to the amazing, incredible 20, 22 and our journey there. So thanks again, audience,

[00:24:46] Bertrand Newson:
as everyone is listening to this real life, going to be the happiest day, a happiest time in Kevin's lifetime as the, the beautiful arrival at his baby girl for his wife, Christina and him.

So nothing better to be thankful for than the, the gift of life. So, your family, your parents, her parents are all in for a great treat. And um, we, you have nothing, but the utmost support from your RaceMob extended family.

[00:25:14] Gabriel Caetano:
You know, it's, it's, it's just great.

When Kevin was, when Kevin announced, like you know, I think, I think I heard of it editing an episode as a matter of fact

[00:25:25] Kevin Chang:

breaking it out, like, you know him, by the

[00:25:29] Gabriel Caetano:
way, you'll know, like,

[00:25:30] Kevin Chang:

[00:25:41] Gabriel Caetano:
Yeah. Yeah. Kevin, you know, all happiness, you know, it's all happiness from a year.

[00:25:49] Kevin Chang:
Well, I'm going to need, I'm going to need all the more motivation to get back into shape because you know, it's been a yeah.

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