The RaceMob Podcast is Back! Updates, news and growth!

The RaceMob Podcast is Back! Updates, news and growth!


Hey there, RaceMob crew!

We've taken a little hiatus from the podcast. You know, I started a new job, had a baby, and all the normal things that go on in a year. But I think that you'll be happy to know that baby Gemma is doing amazing and Coach B's business has been thriving!

And behind the scenes, we've been working on a number of incredible initiatives for a RaceMob that we're going to be launching later this year.

But something has been missing in our lives, and that's getting back together and recording this podcast. There's so much magic that happens when we're able to hit that record button. So many incredible connections that we're able to make. And so many of you, our audience that we hope to help.

So pop in those headphones because the podcast is back, baby!


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[00:00:00] Kevin Chang: Hey, there RaceMob crew. We've taken a little hiatus from the podcast, you know, started a new job, had a baby and all the normal things that go on in a year. But I think that you'll be happy to know that baby Gemma is doing amazing. And Coach B's business has been thriving and behind the scenes we've been working on a number of incredible initiatives for a RaceMob that we're going to be launching later this year.

But something has been missing in our life and that's getting back together and recording this podcast.

There's so much magic that happens when we're able to hit that record button. So many incredible connections that we're able to make. And so many of you, our audience that we hope to help.

So pop in those headphones because the podcast is back, baby. And here we go.

All right, coach. And we are back. How are you doing my friend? It's been a, it's been a little bit of a layoff, huh?

[00:00:51] Bertrand Newson: Woo we, wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Um, man, having fun, you know, living the dream and, uh, so good to be back on air with you. Um, lots of things to share for both of us. So excited about, um, RaceMob moving forward.

And some great stories to share. So, um, but for me personally, I'm doing very, very well. And thank you for asking.

[00:01:16] Kevin Chang: Yeah. And I know that we've been inconsistent with the podcast, um, but we haven't been inconsistent with working behind the scenes on a number of different fronts. I know that we're still having consistent and regular meetings and updates.

Um, a lot of things going. This month, next month. Um, the following month, um, a lot of things that we're excited to share and a lot of things that, that we're not yet ready to share, um, with those of you in the, the audience. Uh, but I think podcast has been one of those things that we've wanted to get back and get consistent and, and get back on in people's ears and, and talking to people.

So really excited to be recording this podcast episode. Um, coach, I wanted to chat with you about some of the ongoing, some of the things that you've told me. Races happening, um, you know, some fantastic and great stories, um, and, and would love to just, you know, uh, I've heard them already, but I think our audience would love to hear what you've been up to.

Um, talk to us about some of the races and some of the people that you've met.

[00:02:10] Bertrand Newson: Uh, great. Thank you for that. Um, allowing us the opportunity to kinda share what's going on in the running community. And there is a lot going on, um, to start off the year, um, It's good to see live races happening. Casey, you know, where live races are not canceling, we're having live events versus virtual events.

Um, and just as of late the momentum with marathon majors happening, you know, coming out of 2021 with the summer Olympics, the preta, uh, Classic happening in Eugene, Oregon. Wow. Um, for the first time the United States gonna is gonna host the world championships. Um, the us national championships is happening I believe next month as well.

So lots going on. We've had team members run, um, Boston marathon twice within a six month period. Wow. We have team members that are scheduled to do, let's see here, Berlin. Wow. London and Chicago in three successive weeks. Oh, wow. Yeah, one of our athletes, uh, Lynn. So, um, this past weekend, just in recent history, uh, the mountains to beach marathon in Ventura, California, we had, um, several team members participate in that event, in the full marathon and half marathon wonderful event.

We'll be back in the, in the future. I was fortunate enough to pace that event with Rebecca had a really good. And it's always nice when you're able to be, be a part of someone's first time marathon journey, either at the beginning, middle or end. And I could not have a better pacing partner. Um, shout out to, uh, let's see here, Michelle Torres with a, I think a 12, 13, 14 minute marathon PR, which is wow.

Super, super cool. She's put in a lot of hard work and good to see her, uh, grab that, uh, that PR and then let's see. Uh, yeah, that same weekend. We had team members that participated in a local event off of, uh, Coyo Creek and our own Gloria. Um, Gloria Wall was the first female. Wow. She won the race um, and we had several first place, age groupers, and, uh, top three age groupers.

Dave, Joanne, um, Mary and G. So it's nice to see people that are putting in the work, staying healthy in the process and being able to perform on race day. And sometimes we're not always running for time. We're running just to get to the finish line, making friends in, in the process, um, recently celebrated and recognized global running day to kick off this month and, um, you know, shout out to our partners with Lulu lemon.

The rock and roll race series, um, stars and strides George, the president of R RRCA who came out on site and surprised us and was part of the community run, um, several team members that are ambassadors for the rock and roll race series. Our friends with, um, Barry run crew had a great event in Saratoga.

Um, co-hosted with REI and run local and our friends with run local are doing great work as they're in the midst of their summer kickoff, California coast 500. Um, so many things going on the running community is very vibrant and lively and we're, you know, we're having a blast out there showcasing and sharing the stories of our running community.

[00:05:31] Kevin Chang: It's fantastic. I mean, I think, um, you know, we talked about this a while ago. We started this podcast in the midst of a pandemic. We weren't sure what was gonna happen. Um, you know, how we were going to survive with the virtual races and how races were gonna survive. And. Um, and you know, we're on the other side of it now we're coming out of the pandemic.

We're now seeing all these live events. Um, you know, we had built the, the website and a lot of this stuff around, um, finding people at events, having a great time at events, you know, posting photos, posting, you know, your, your times and, and other stuff. And so it's, it's so fantastic. It's so much fun to.

These events happening to see you at event at event at event. Um, you know, so obviously if you're not following Bertrand on, uh, Instagram, if you're not following too legit on Instagram, if you're not following RaceMob on Instagram and not seeing these photos in these pictures, uh, you're, you're missing out because there's stuff happening week after week after week, there's stories happening every single week.

And I love that you're talking about the PRs because you know, when we started this podcast again, you were just starting the coaching business and you were just starting to have people come. And now there's so many people that are realizing and reaching their PRs week after week. Um, And, you know, so much of it comes down to sure.

The training plan and having foresight and helping them, you know, navigate the different portions of the training plan. But a lot of it comes down to accountability and having somebody there that can talk you through it and, and walk you through it and has been there before. And so, you know, as we've talked to, uh, a numerous times over the last couple of months about, okay, what does training look like?

For, you know, the RaceMob members that can't get in front of Coach "B", um, you know, sure. We want to have those training plans available to you and to have you be able to navigate and understand, you know, training philosophies, but we also want you to have that accountability in those pieces. So, um, you know, I, I just love.

All these stories of all the new PRs that have happened in the last couple of months. Um, you know, I guess, talk to me about a co another couple of, of the PRs that, that have happened. I know Scott also had a PR relatively recently and, you know, the PRs are happening even if race day isn't going a hundred percent to plan, right.

Um, yes. We talked about the yeah. About Scott, about this recent marathon. Um, it doesn't always go to plan . Shout

[00:07:52] Bertrand Newson: out to our own Scott stru, um, you know, made his way from his home, uh, home state in New Jersey to Montana where his wow son works and lives. Um, and he works for, uh, Scott's son works for hammer nutrition.

And that, you know, um, these CEO and founder was one of our previous, um, Brian Frank, one of our podcast guests. And I recently learned that our own Scott stru is now a brand ambassador for hammer nutrition. Hell yeah. Which is headquartered in white fish, Montana. Yes. And, uh, I think was the last weekend.

Last Saturday. Yeah, it was the third Saturday in, um, may where Scott towed, the. Wow. After many months of hard work, a quality taper and was seeking his best and most efficient marathon journey, which to his credit he accomplished. Um, and he did that in high elevation in a course that was not, uh, pancake flat.

It had over a thousand feet of elevation gains. It was running at elevation and it was running in a lot of Hills, um, where back home. He doesn't live in an area that has a ton of Hills and is close to sea levels. So what do we do during his training to mimic some of those conditions that he encountered on race day?

He had a, um, uh, oxygen deprivation mask that he wore to help put a little bit more strain in his cardiovascular system. Um, utilizing a treadmill who was able to get some elevation gain, um, that way and found other creative ways to. Going uphill. So he was prepared. Plus he was a very good student and looking at the course, knowing what to expect and then went out there, um, with the very good nutrition and hydration game plan in part supported by hammer nutrition.

And, um, we, we can say, and, you know, we'll have him on a future podcast that he went off. . We love you, Scott. He went out fast. He went out fast and, um, banked some time and ended up with, I mean, a huge PR I mean maybe 30 plus minutes. so I mean a success, you know, um, no matter how you cut it, that guy went out there.

And dashed and got to the finish line. Um, all smiles. Um, he had a great race report and, um, you know, he's looking to make his way out to California and run at the 2022 California international marathon, which we will get a chance to see and meet him in person. We feel like we've known him forever. Um, so very happy for.

[00:10:36] Kevin Chang: that's incredible. Yeah. Yeah. Um, you know, a 30 minute PR that is nothing to, uh, bet an eye at, for sure. I mean, that, that is incredible. But you think that he's probably left, uh, a couple minutes out there on the chorus when you're, when you're looking at his race report.

[00:10:52] Bertrand Newson: Scott, you know, I think the role of your brother, but yes, he, he has, he has more in the tank.

Scott will, uh, will break the four 20 barrier. Wow. Um, in a marathon and it could be at the end of this year, he has that talent. He he's in that shape. Um, right now, granted he's, you know, coming off of the last marathon and in the midst of recovering, but I've seen some of his recent, uh, shorter workouts and, you know, he'll be building back.

Um, his, his legs and ready to toe the line and probably, uh, shoot for a half marathon PR leading up to cm in December. So he's on a roll. And the good thing is when you have been training for a while and you're tracking your data and you do a good job of listing. Post workout notes. You have a lot to refer to.

So when you're in a good vibe, a good zone and things are going well, you can reflect back and see what you were doing on the flip side. If you have a, a phase where you find yourself, um, being chronic injuries or knickknacks, middle little NIS, um, you can look and see what was my volume. Like what was my intensity?

Like what was my sleep? Like what was going on with me personally and profess. Were there other outside factors could have, that could have been impacting what was my diet like? What was my weight at? So the more you're able to get into a routine and to track the more data you have to reflect objectively, and then take the parts that have been working and implement that into the future.

So ultimately consistency is king in many cases, um, volume is king, but it has to be steady, progressive volume and not spikes. From moderate to high, cuz that's a recipe for injury. And we always say, I think you coin the phrase, your best ability is availability. Um, there are a lot of talented athletes out there, but the, one of the most common things that doesn't allow us to reach our potential is injury.

So accountability and motivation is one, but a lot of times there are people out there just, I just can't can't get healthy coach. I can't let's. Let's just pull it back a bit. Let's, let's be mindful of the volume. Let's be mindful of the intensity. And you know, if we need to walk a little bit and, and cross train, incorporating some, you know, hiking, um, swimming, other forms of cross training, cycling, you know, those are all things that can help your longevity while not trying to run every single.

[00:13:26] Kevin Chang: Yeah, it is such an interesting concept too, right? Because we live in this society where we want everything. Now we want it today. We want it yesterday. Right? We want our. Marathon. We want our best races to be happening right now. But the truth is when you follow one of these training plans, you know, you are building your fitness level.

So that, that is your new tier, right? That is your new, um, baseline and your next marathon can be, you know, of course your next PR, but so can the one after that and the one after that and the one after that. And so I think that's, that's really what you're seeing and realizing with a lot of your athletes today.

You know, they've been working with you for now, some of them for a couple of years, and you saw some immediate PRs, but that's, uh, you're also seeing PR after PR after PR and, and new baselines. So, I mean, it's just exciting to see, um, you know, and, and Scott, you know, a 30 minute PR. Of course, he's gonna have a couple more PRs in him and, and we're not talking about a spring chicken, you know, we're, we're talking about somebody that found running later in life.

I mean, just an incredible story and, uh, and probably in the best shape of his life. Um, so fantastic. Yeah, we can

[00:14:32] Bertrand Newson: say age, age, age does it does not apply here. You can be your, the, the fittest version of yourself right now. When we see that all the time. And of course, you know, um, our athletes performing, isn't always not always predicated.

PR PR PR. Yeah. It's just a byproduct of all the hard work and we'll refer to somebody else. Who's not a, a, a spring chicken in Samuel PaaS. Um, you know, one of our, you know, prior podcast guest, if you haven't heard his podcast, please listen. This is a gentleman who. Uh, served our, uh, in the armed forces air force, I believe, um, was over nearly 300 pounds Marines.

Yeah. Yes. And, um, two hip replacements and, uh, started working with us from a coaching standpoint in December of last year. Um, completed this very first marathon in February and as recent as a week and a half ago, completed a 5k with the sub seven minute pace. You know, guys just brushing it, crushing it.

And he was already running a lot of miles. Um, but we made some changes to his training regimen. Um, in some cases slowing him down. In some cases, adding some variation into his, his weekly workout routine, adding some cycling, adding in some hill repeats, um, adding in some walking. Um, and then on his hard days on his track days, which he had never done before, getting him up to speed where he could really press.

And that combination for him has really worked well. It's kept him healthy and I mean, he's, he's, he's faster and happy. He's he's loving life right now. So, uh, way to go, Sam,

[00:16:17] Kevin Chang: that's fantastic. That is absolutely fantastic. And you know, I think, I think what we realize too, is that training hard work. It's fun when you get there, right.

It's fun. After all that time, when you get to race day. but races of themselves are fun. I mean, you don't have to be in the best shape of your life to enjoy a race. You don't have to have been, you know, on months and months of training to just have fun on race day. And I think that is the other side of the coin too, right.

Is like, Hey. Um, you know, we wanna help you get there. We wanna help you with training if that's what you want, but we also just wanna ha help have fun with you on race day. So, I mean, talk to me a little bit about some of the, the recent race experiences, some of the people that you've met, um, some of the upcoming races that you're, that you're heading to, um, you know, what's happening out there in the world of

[00:17:05] Bertrand Newson: races.

I love local races, you know, we've, um, you know, we, you know, we've talked about, um, the importance of being connected to your, your backyard, to your own local running community. I think we've done a very good job of. Um, there was a local event in Willow Glen, California suburb of, of San Jose. It was a 5k and was very fortunate to be able to run and pace.

One of our team members, uh, Lynn. And we went in that, into that race with no real expectation. All I asked her to do was just, you know, run it my side and, you know, manage your breathing. And we'll, we'll see where we end up. And as we navigated very familiar streets, Um, it was great to see the local community support.

And, um, we were very fortunate that Lynn managed a, I think a, almost a minute, um, personal best. Wow. Um, which is really cool. And Nicole, another one of our team members, uh, actually went our very first athlete who, uh, signed with us in, um, August of 2020, man. It's hard to believe in that long . Um, but her, her, uh, son's high school Lee high.

I had a fundraising 5k again, community event. So to see so many families out there lining the streets, cheering for all the runners and Walker. And people were just out there having a freaking blast, the post race celebration at the high school. Um, the awards given out were, were really cool, but I just, I love events like that that are very close to home.

And when we looked, uh, let's see here the 2nd of July, the second annual stars and strides 5k and 10 K um, They raised point over maybe a quarter million dollars. Wow. Last year, looking to top that now don't quote me on that. It could have been more, um, but I'm sure that this year's event is gonna make it a staple annually around the 4th of July weekend.

And we are, um, partners with them. Um, we will share a promo code. Um, it's family friendly. It's fun. Again, it's a fat and flash course open to all fitness levels. So walkers, you will absolutely have a blast. I don't believe there's. The cutoff time is very generous. So you can walk the 5k. You can walk the 10 K um, you'll see a lot of city officials and members of, um, regional government, um, the mayor, um, and the like, so certainly highly encourage all to come out for that.

And our team, uh, two legit fitness, uh, RaceMob will be pacing. The. 2022 rock and roll race weekend, which is a 5k 10 K and half marathon. Um, that's happening the second weekend in October, the eighth and ninth. So that will probably have maybe upwards of 20,000 participants. That's been a staple in our community going back, you know, a decade and a half.

And we're very fortunate to be able to pay it forward and pace it forward by helping people getting from the starting line to the finish line and having some fun in the process.

[00:20:10] Kevin Chang: If you like our podcast and sign up for our newsletter, where we give you weekly tips on how to run your best race and have fun in the process.

Just go to RaceMob dot com and sign up today. Yeah. I mean, you know, coach, this is what people come to you for, right? They come to you for advice on training and how to get fast, but they also, you know, as a, as a, as a runner, who's been to what, 300 of these events, um, over the course of your, of the course of your career.

They come to you for some advice on, Hey, what's the best race, right? Where should I be going? Um, you know, who has, who has the coolest swag who has the coolest gear, who has the coolest, you know, post race, festivities, um, the best courses, all of that stuff. And so I think this is, this is exciting for us to really start picking your brain and make sure that we have not only a, a good representation of, of some of the fantastic races, but also if you're heading to some of these race, People can come, come up and, and say hi to ya.

Um, you know, and I think, uh, I think this is some of the exciting stuff that we're working on behind the scenes. Now that again, live races are back. Um, now that you're heading to so many races, um, we can start capturing these events and, and start capturing again, promo codes and discounts and other stuff for our runners, um, and just make.

Make race day, a lot more fun. So, um, yeah, I think this, these are a lot of things that we're working on behind the scenes too. So yeah, we are gonna

[00:21:32] Bertrand Newson: be putting the GoPro to work and , you know, outside of myself having members of our, our RaceMob in greater, um, community, be able to share their race reports.

Um, you know, if that's via video, uh, via social media, our Instagram, our, uh, RaceMob circle C. We love the feedback because it helps the race organizers. Um, there may be some things that they can improve. Um, but they certainly want a little bit of validation of what you like. And it's up to us to help if we are enjoying these events to, um, do our part, to ensure that they are staples in our community.

Um, because it's hard for race organizers right now, the prices across the board, um, for them to produce an event is much higher. So we're seeing some of our, um, Race directors are having to be, uh, mindful of how many races they can produce in a year. Um, I know our friends with brazen, um, with the, the state parks and local regional parks permit fees have gone through the roof.

Yeah. Um, the recent mounts to beach marathon, it was originally supposed to happen. Memorial day weekend had to push one week later because of challenges with being able to provide, um, law enforcement. So it put the race organizers in a very carious position because they had to reach out to all the, you know, everybody and say, Hey, I know you already have your airfare and your book hotel and all other good stuff, but we're gonna push it another week.

So we're still in a bit of a transition process, but what is not happening is races are not getting canceled. And we know that we're still dealing with the pandemic. Um, but we're finding ways to, um, uh, interact safer and, um, ensuring everyone's health and wellness. .

[00:23:13] Kevin Chang: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think, um, yeah, uh, prices aren't getting yet cheaper, right?

I mean, I see inflation across the board. Gas prices are up, you know, the cost to the cost of goods. Everything is up across the board. Um, and so, you know, we want to help both the race directors find people. That are right for their events. And also for you guys, the runners who are out there, right. We wanna make sure that you're spending your money wisely, that you're going to events that you're gonna love and have a great time at, and also make that experience fun.

Right? I mean, I think, I think we all agree. And one of the biggest reasons why we created RaceMob in general, Um, that races are just more fun when you have people there to share that experience with you, right? To, to take the photo with you, to give you the pat on the back, when you need it the most. Um, you've had some, some recent experiences with first time marathoners who, you know, really latched on to you.

And, and so we wanna make that experience amazing for the first time, for the 10th time, for the 20th time to make races a lot more fun. And I think that's what we're working on behind the. Um, on, on RaceMob, um, I wanna get to that story, man, of, of that recent race that you had and, and, you know, the experience that, uh,

[00:24:31] Bertrand Newson: yes, yes.

Um, yeah, pretty cool. Pretty cool. Um, the mountains of beach marathon will go back there. That happened, uh, this past Sunday, the 5th of June, uh, pacing with Rebecca Hernandez. Um, who's paced that event twice prior, so she was very familiar with the. Going back to race day that morning. Um, the race started a little late 23 minute delay because the race organizers needed to be in sync with CHP to make sure traffic flow and all that good stuff was taken care of.

So once we got started, um, within the first four plus miles, there was a challenge where the lead bike and I think a CHP vehicle. Um, made a wrong turn and they were runners and pace groups that followed that wrong turn. So immediately that caused for some confusion, um, that ended up with many runners running longer than a marathon.

So, um, you can only imagine if you've trained and if you're seeking a PR or potentially an opportunity to, uh, qualify for Boston seconds and minutes matter. Yeah.

Um, but the race organizers did their best under the circumstances. And I have to give them credit on their communication to the participants in trying to best as possible articulate and to see, and they've reached out to, uh, Boston and to the New York marathon to see, um, if they would accept any adjusted times based on the, I think they measured 0.38.

Um, but going back to the pacing experience and I mean, it's one thing for. Me as a runner to, you know, add another marathon to the collection. I don't look at it that way. Of course, it's nice to be able to complete that distance. I left everything about it, but I really enjoy the interaction with my fellow runners.

That's what really speaks to me. And it was not the easiest day for me. I mean, I had, you know, keeping it real. I had two bathroom breaks on the course as a pacer. Um, so fortunately there were two Pacers, you know, so I'd. And then catch up, stop and catch up. But in that process, um, there was one particular, um, individual who was from San Diego and it was.

Marathon. And I remember, um, probably at the 10 K mark looking to my right and there he was nice and steady. Didn't say too much. He had some big headphones on, he was kind of going about his business and I guess he was not listening to music because when I said good job, he turned right to me and said, Hey, oh yeah, thanks.

Okay. Now he's, you know, he's listening. Um, mile eight, I looked to my right, nice and steady, um, mile 11, 12. At one point I looked back and. We didn't see him anymore. And Rebecca and I, we wondered how he was doing so fast forwarding to, as we crossed the finish line, um, the goal time was to run four 40. We finished 4 30, 9 32.

Wow, so perfect. Um, 28 seconds just under the, the, the threshold, very proud about that. And that particular race finishes along the Pacific coast. Um, the beach in Ventura, um, with American flags lined left and right, so the finishing shoot is really cool, a great post race, um, photo opportunities. People were actually getting in the, you know, getting in the water, taking photos, but as we made our way to the beer gardens and we're rooting people on.

We turn back and we see, Hey, Institute from San Diego and he's there with his family, his mother and his father. And he said, Hey, you know, he is telling his parents before we saw him that, you know, I was helped by these Pacers that made help make my race experience. Cuz he had a huge positive split, you know, so he was cruising along.

Um, and then. At some point working there yeah. You know? Oh yeah. Yeah, it happens. Yeah. And, um, yeah, I was so proud of him and it was nice to, um, you know, meet his, his parents and, you know, look his father in the eye and his, they were very humble and gracious. And, um, it's nice to know that no matter what, there's nothing like your first marathon, but that Rebecca and I have the opportunity to have play a small role in his.

Um, which is pretty cool, you know, and not making it all about yourself and you know, what is my cadence? What is my pace? Am I gonna PR what are my photos gonna be? No, being able to connect with other people, especially at that distance, because there's so much adversity that can happen. We saw people that were starting to hit the wall at the 10 mile mark, you know, and you have 16 miles left.

You have to be able to get it together. So that's where the coaching from me really starts to come to the surface. And calling out at mile four and five. Hey, if you have not taken in any hydration or nutrition, now you must now. And, um, it was nice at the end of the race. I had two or three runners come up and say, Hey, thank you.

You know, I didn't know that much about gels or when to drink or like, well, Now you do, and I'm glad to play a small role in helping you get to the finish line. Yeah, because it did start to heat up later in the race. So, um, just stressing the importance of things that we have control over that can compliment our fitness going into a race, versus if we ignore hydration, nutrition or pacing strategy, as we are going uphill or going too fast, downhill, especially on the front end of a race where it can come back and bite us a bit.

So knowing that and being able to share it, um, was really nice. So.

[00:30:05] Kevin Chang: Yeah. I mean, that is fantastic. You've obviously got a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of information, Indian. I'm still learning, man.

[00:30:14] Bertrand Newson: I'm still learning. I'm still learning

[00:30:17] Kevin Chang: as student. We all are. Yeah, we all are. Right. Um, and that's why we have so many podcast guests, cuz we, we ask the experts.

Right? We ask the people that, that know the craft that, that know this industry backwards and forwards and in doing so we've become experts in our own. Right. And I think that is. So much fun. It's, it's great to be able to, to share that knowledge, you know, hopefully you're sharing it in advance and, and not five miles in because there's only so much that you can do when you, when you're on the course.

[00:30:47] Bertrand Newson: Yeah. You tried to, you tried, you know, you, you, uh, you know, you wanna get people, um, try to help offset some of that pre-race anxiety. With any race that happens. But when you are looking at 26.2 miles in the face, and it's your first time, um, or it can be your 50th time, there's still gonna be some residual anxiety, but just being able to let people know, run the mile that you are in, don't get too far ahead of yourself.

Um, give some love out there on the course. You've heard me say this before in the past, there's gonna be somebody that's gonna be, um, You know, struggling just as much as you are, maybe even more. So if you have extra gels, you think I'm only gonna bring four, maybe bring five or six because you will find somebody out there on the course who is unprepared or in the middle in between eight stations that is gonna need that salt pill, um, gonna need an extra gel or something along those lines where you can help make their race day experience.

Just a little bit more bearable. So

[00:31:46] Kevin Chang: fantastic. Well coach. I mean, I think that we've got, um, we could be chatting here for hours and hours as we always more to come, as we always say more to come some really cool guest in the pipeline. Yeah. So, so let's leave people with wanting more, um, and just let you guys all know that, you know, the podcast is back.

We are back. I think we're gonna have a cadence of at least every other week, um, going forward, um, maybe more frequent than that. Um, you know, obviously, uh, we've got a lot of things coming in, um, behind the scenes. So I've been coding for the last, uh, couple of weeks. Um, you know, we're really getting the site up and running.

Uh, we've got a lot of fun things, new merchandise, new shirts, new, uh, very exclusive gear. Um, we are going to be launching and looking for ambassador. Um, and so, you know, I think that's one of the things that we're gonna have on the pipeline is we're, we're asking you guys to go out there and help us, and we're gonna take, you know, a limited number of ambassadors, um, to, to help us kind of spread the word and spread this message and, you know, have, have more fun on race day.

I think that's what this is all about. So, um, yeah. Uh, anything that I'm missing. Anything that we no, just,

[00:32:56] Bertrand Newson: you know, wanna give, uh, some of our, um, you know, other partners, a shout out that have supported us over the last, you know, several months, um, arena with run rocket, uh, PT, running coach, and PTs been very good to us.

Kevin Vandy and team over at competitive edge, um, will be working with Kevin again on some collaborative efforts. You see that we will tag him from time to time with some of his Instagram content, really informative, short videos and blogs, our blog. Right now, you know, go to RaceMob dot com. We have some really cool content coming out, giving a shout out to our associate producer, Gabrielle.

Um, we'll see some things from Kevin and myself and some other contributors. And we just wanna hear from you. So please, as you have the opportunity, um, you know, if you haven't already joined our Instagram feed, if you haven't had the opportunity to listen to any of our podcasts, great time now on your training runs, um, while you're doing the cross training, anything along those lines, as we can help support our C.

Um, and man, boy, can't, July's gonna be bananas in the best way possible. And I'm so happy to be back on the microphone and, and sharing with KC men. Um, love you to the moon and back and so happy for you. Um, the misses and your beautiful baby girl, just a beautiful man. So proud of you.

[00:34:14] Kevin Chang: Yeah. Fatherhood has been incredible.

It's just been, uh, uh, amazing. Been busy, been busy for sure. Yeah. But, uh, but um, the most rewarding experience. So, um, thank you B really appreciate the time and, uh, we will, we'll catch up again real soon and be back on the podcast again. So, um, with that wanna say, thank you all for listening and we will talk to you again real soon.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode of the RaceMob podcast. Check out all of the show notes or find a running buddy online at RaceMob dot com. Please subscribe to us on apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your podcast and leave us a review until next time. Keep on moving.