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Can you achieve your goals with less training time? Only if you know how to train!

When it comes to running, there are basically 5 factors that could be limiting your running results.  Whether you’re looking to run further, faster, injury free, or (hopefully) all of the above - knowing how to overcome your limiting factor will help you have more fun.

However, as a recreational runner, with so much competing information and limited experience, it’s difficult to identify your #1 limiting factor and how you should train to overcome it. 

But solving this problem is what our coaches do, and they do it all day, every day.

The challenge is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, and figuring out the right training program for you can be difficult.  We all have different goals, starting points, training availability, and body types.

That’s why we’ve created the RaceMob: Training Plan Quiz!  Take 5 minutes to find the ideal training program to fit your goal.

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Jean Knaack and George Rehmet

RRCA Executive Director and President
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Seth James DeMoor

YouTube influencer and Pike Peak Marathon champion
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Matt Fitzgerald

Best selling author of over 20 running books, coach, and 2:42 Marathoner.
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