RRCA Leaders chat about Diversity, COVID-19, Youth Running Programs, and more

RRCA Leaders chat about Diversity, COVID-19, Youth Running Programs, and more


we have some very special guests for you in today's podcast. The Road Runner's Club of America has been an extremely influential organization in the sport of running for over 60 years. It insures some of the biggest races in the world and running clubs. They're also famous for a variety of programs including their coaching certification, kids run the nation program, and run pro clinic.

We're so fortunate to have the president of the RRCA George Rehmet and Executive Director Jean Knaack on Today's podcast. In fact, Jean has been named one of the most influentail people in running by Runner's World Magazine - Alongside Usain Bolt, Shalene Flanaghan, and Meb Kefleghzi to name a few.

In this episode, you'll learn about what the RRCA is and what it does. How they've been extra busy during the pandemic - expecially since George started as president on April 1st of this year! We have a special discussion about diversity in running, especially in the wake of the murder of Ahmad Arbuery. George and the board are on a mission to make running safer for everyone, and they're working on real change here.

Plus, you get to know these deeply caring, incredibly warm, and very accomplished individuals. Plus, George is incredibly active on Social Media - and we've been following his awesome adventures - including his recent 50K up in Oregon.

We're incredibly grateful to get to know these incredible individuals, and to be able to share this conversation with you. We hope that you enjoy it!