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Kisha Cunningham

Union City, California


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About Me

Wife & Mommy of one, just trying to step back and enjoy life!

Why I Race

To stay healthy and have fun while overcoming new personal fitness challenges!

I Like To Run

Standard 5k
Standard 10k

My Greatest Accomplishment

Learning that time is of the essence; every single second - so make it count. Don't let the mind tell you that something is too hard, instead make slow but steady strides towards accomplishing your goals. It wasn't until I began to think this way that I really began to enjoy life, and that is why my greatest accomplishmnet has been finding the way to to unlock the door to accomplishment.

My Goal

Run a single digit mile (not as a race average), but just to know my body can do it | To always improve my time (not every race, but over the course of a lifetime | Eventually run a marathon...