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Elmer Jan

San Rafael, California

72 years old, male

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About Me

I'm an old guy; been running for over 37 years. Set my marathon PR in 1980. And it's been all downhill from there. I *wish* it were all *downhill." LOL. But seriously, while I still set my own time goals, I'm just in it to finish it, and gratified that I'm still out there kicking assphalt.

Why I Race

The race is the culmination of the training and it's actually the training that's important. Through the passage of time, the ups and downs of life circumstances, it's the training, the run, that's the constant.

I Like To Run

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I Am

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My Greatest Accomplishment

My marathon PR set in 1980: Oakland Marathon (a very different course from the one currently used by the Oakland Running Festival): 3:07:04

My Goal

To keep running until I can't.

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