RaceMob Updates - Western States and Olympic trials, the Cut The Crap challenge, Town Hall Q&A and Celebrating Life

RaceMob Updates - Western States and Olympic trials, the Cut The Crap challenge, Town Hall Q&A and Celebrating Life


55 - On today's episode, we break down all the latest news from RaceMob and the running world, including updates from our Cut the Crap Challenge with Tony Julian, our takeaways from the town hall Q&A featuring Kevin Vandy, life updates from Coach "B" and myself, recapping Western States, including how some of our podcast guests actually did during the event, and finally we recap the Olympic trials in Eugene


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Intro Quotes [00:00:00]

###### Kevin Chang: [00:00:00]

Speaking of fantastic, things happening on the horizon and races. So I know that Nicole just finished a great race, um, recently, and then we've got to talk about the other race that happened around your Western states, man, because there is a lot to have in this last weekend.
Bertrand Newson: [00:00:15]
Wow. What a weekend? I mean, if you love running, it's the. What the most celebrated ultra marathon, some would say an a in the world, certainly in America, the oldest a hundred mile road race, the Boston marathon of ultra running.

Episode Intro [00:00:33]

###### Kevin Chang: [00:00:33]

hello and welcome to the RaceMob podcast. This is episode number 55.
I'm Kevin entrepreneur technology and fitness nerd. And I'm joined by the head coach of RaceMob and master motivator, the incomparable Bertrand Newson.

Episode Subject [00:00:46]

On today's episode, we break down all the latest news from RaceMob and the running world, including updates from our cut, the crap challenge with Tony, Julian, our takeaways from the town hall Q&A featuring Kevin Vandy. Life updates from Coach "B" and myself. Recapping Western states, including how some of our podcast guests actually did during the event. And finally we recap the Olympic trials in Eugene.
All of the links in show notes can be found online at RaceMob dot com slash podcast and without further ado here's our conversation.
Hey, B. How's it going today?
Bertrand Newson: [00:01:22]
Man it's going good. It's Monday. And lots going on and here we are, uh, summertime, right? Summertime 2021. And just think where we were a year ago, Casey, and where we are right now. So many changes, so many great things going on and, uh, lots of activity in many, many areas.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:01:40]

Yeah, that's right. About a year ago, we launched the pilot cast and we thought that it would be fun to do, you know, uh, uh, almost Monday meetup style podcast this time around, or we just kind of give the audience a little update on what's happening in our life. Some of the news that we found interesting over the past week. And let's just dive right into it.

The Cut the Crap Challenge [00:01:59]

So I know that    we're right in the middle of the Cut the Crap Challenge we started and kicked it off about June 18th. So, uh, how's the challenge Going for you? What have you been up to any good recipes that you want to share with our audience?
Bertrand Newson: [00:02:13]
The Cut the Crap Challenge, man. Uh, it is a challenge. It is a challenge. I mean, father's day, you know, I had a belated father's day dinner with my daughter. That I had to, you know, I had to, it had to be a cheat day. We had a wonderful dinner in Burlingame, California. What I will say lots more water, lots more leafy green salads, refreshing smoothies.
During this time of the year, very warm and protein drinks. I'm spending more time in the gym. I think I'm down probably two and a half pounds. So that is progress and probably expected to be down a little bit more. But Tony said, Hey, coats, and cheer spending more time in the gym. There's a chance you may not lose as much as you probably did last time around.
So I'm taking that in consideration. Hopefully there's some body composition change. Um, but I love the focus and I'm looking forward to the challenge. Uh, we're having a follow-up, uh, kind of mid challenge update tomorrow. And then, you know, right before the fourth, the challenge is going to be over and just trying to maintain good sustainable habits.
Um, because you know, when we're making diet changes that are too drastic, it's hard to, to maintain them when there's, you don't have the day-to-day focus. So that's the one thing I really like about this challenge is that you're there foods in there that you can modify. Swap in and swap out and can help you stay healthy, especially as we have a active fitness workout routine, that's surrounding it as well.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:03:27]

Yeah, and I, I love just the simplicity of what we're trying to do. We're trying to cut out the sugars. We're trying to cut up the saturated fats, trying to cut out the, the white breads and the, the carbs and all alcohol. So, you know, I think it's really challenged me to go find new recipes and other stuff.
Also, we just have such a fantastic variety out here of farmer's markets. And so, you know, the Mrs and I we've been going to the mountain view farmer's market every. We're finding some fantastic organic vegetables and fruits and just been swapping our snacks out.
You know, uh, we, we do tend to snack a little bit here and there and as, so swapping out, you know, the sugary snacks for a piece of fruit or, you know, taking those chips out and doing, uh, vegetables and hummus. Um, so just those simple swaps I think has been fantastic and just being mindful. You know, the very supportive community out here.
We have a number of recipes. I've been posting a couple of recipes, you know, uh, chicken tortilla, soups, and, you know, it was just some simple things. Also just really taking advantage of the air fryer that I had. You know, taking some simple vegetables, spraying a little bit of avocado oil, a little bit of salt and pepper, or putting it in the air fryer and, you know, crisping up some fantastic broccolini, cauliflower, um, just some simple
Bertrand Newson: [00:04:41]
Man you're making me hungry.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:04:42]

It's just fantastic,
Bertrand Newson: [00:04:43]
making hungry right now.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:04:44]

And swapping out, you know, like you said, so swapping out spaghetti. For edamame a pasta, you know, it was the first time we tried it. It's a little bit cheerier ichewier , but, but still, you know, fantastic. Still really delicious, especially, you know, when we use some spaghetti sauce and some of that stuff.
So, um, making it very simple, you know, swapping out the pork sausage for more of the chicken stuff and chicken, sausage and chicken breasts. Found a fantastic fish restaurant around here. I think it's just helping us be a little bit more mindful and I'm also down about two pounds. Um, so hopefully, you know, I'll continue to lose a little bit of weight.
I also had a cheat day over the weekend. I got together with a couple of friends and whatnot. And so, you know, it, it happens during the challenge, but the trick is to get back on the horse when you can.
And so, uh, Yeah, I'm really loving the challenge really just love and being mindful and hope. You know, I know it is a two week challenge, but just continue the best practices moving forward. And throughout the summer, you know, we're finally getting out of this pandemic. So I want to get rid of this pandemic body and get into a better looking body.
So that's my big goal.
Bertrand Newson: [00:05:48]
Yeah, I hear you, man. I hear, and what's worked for me in the past is, you know, um, taking a time on a Sunday or Monday and just doing some meal prep with my proteins. If I'm able to get proteins prepped, you know, 10 points. Eight to 10 portions that aren't always the same mill. Sometimes it can be a salad topper sometimes can be compliment with know brown rice and veggies and a salad, but giving yourself a little bit of variety because proteins, you have that flexibility. But for me, preparing them in advance, it's a game changer for me.
Doing it kind of day to day on the fly making decision. Um, later in the day, you've Workday kind of gets away from you and you're just looking for some comfort, food or comfort, uh, healthy. It's a little bit tougher to do, unless you don't already have something set aside in the refrigerator, you just pop in the microwave or put in the oven and, you know, add some greens to it and enjoy. So

###### Kevin Chang: [00:06:34]

And I know that you're, you're using the smoker site, you know, some,    videos that you posted on social media, whatnot. So smoked what salmon and chicken is that what you were working with?
Bertrand Newson: [00:06:44]
Yep. And I love it. It's fun. And I enjoy it.    I enjoy the food prep and I enjoy eating, especially if you know what, you know, that's prepared when you go to a restaurant you're coming out of pocket and spend the money.    You know, if there are other things that have been added to it, you know, butter and more sodium than you normally would.
Um, But if you're preparing it yourself, it's made with love. And you know, it just, you can appreciate a little bit more as well. So when I, like, when I do some food prep, I'd like to make a little extra and I'll bring some to some of my friends as well    to help them on their    health and wellness journey or just, they just want to grow out. So I enjoy it.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:07:18]

Yeah. Yeah. So fantastic challenge uh, is still around for another about a    week, I guess, five days, six days by the time this podcast comes out for another three days.    But we'll probably continue, you know, eating healthy. Throughout the summer    you know, a lot of, a lot of goals    to, to lose some of this weight and to, to feel better.
And, you know, for me, I think it's a lot more about just the feeling better aspect and cutting sugar, processed foods. All of that just helps you feel so much better reduces inflammation    you know, and just helps    helps your body recover, helps you be    have that energy to be able to do these activities that we love to do.
So a fantastic challenge. And I'm seeing a lot of success, a lot of results in Tony Julian's page. So continue the challenge guys. And if you need recipes    feel free to reach out to us, I    have some fun recipes. And I know Tony has got some fantastic recipes on her site, as well as in that Facebook group.

Q&A Session [00:08:08]

Awesome. Also wanting to get to, uh, We had a town hall Q&A      within the group last week as well with Kevin Vandy. So    if you guys haven't caught that Q&A    I'll find a way, I think we're going to find a way to post that Q&A video online for you to check out.
I mean, Kevin Vandy, fantastic podcast guests that we had    on earlier this year    Coach want to walk us through some of the stuff that he was able to    share with audio.
Bertrand Newson: [00:08:35]
Yeah, it was great. And we really appreciate Kevin, uh, Vandy and folks over at competitive edge PT for looking for fantastic proactive. You know, one thing we are usually reaching out to, uh, physical therapists after something has happened. There's ways that we can go about our business from a health and wellness standpoint, where we're doing things to prevent being injured in the first place.
And being able to check out the video that    Kevin I will share, um, is a great place to start. So as Kevin. A recap. We had an opportunity to talk about running form. What are all runners want to learn about is how to run more effectively, more efficiently, how to understand body mechanics.   
What are some good exercises to do before we start running in the warmup phase, what are some exercises do from a strength and conditioning standpoint. Um, when is the best time to stretch?
We do not want to stretch, um, like static stretching. Pre-run we want to do that once the body is warmed up. So if we're doing some calisthenics, jumping jacks, um, lunges, um, things along those lines, air squats, and then want to get into some of that work. But certainly once the body is warmed, that's when we want to do some stretching.
Um, Kevin bandy talked about football. And talked about a trunk lean and that, Hey, if you have a, uh, if you're a heel striker or if you're you land on your forefoot, we just want to kind of find that happy medium, where if you're a heel striker, we don't want to be so much, so much of an extreme heel striker. If we are, we land on the forefoot, we just want to bring that back a bit.
And that it's    we want to find. What is best and you don't want to drastically alter your running mechanics because that throws everything else off. So getting into a local running store, seeing a physical therapist, seeing a running coach and having your running form evaluated, so you, as the runner become more educated and just what, what you do in comparison to some of the things that Dr. Vandy went through on the video that we'll be sharing again.
So, all and all, the Q&A was fantastic, really good questions asked by our audience. And that's what really are the good takeaways for me is when the audience is getting their, you own unique questions answered by a professional and being able to take those learning nuggets back and apply it to their own routine so they can be running more efficient.
And the importance of cadence. If we can run at the optimum cadence, a range of like. Over a hundred and seventy, a hundred and seventy five steps to 180 per minute, that in its own right, can help improve your running economy, get minimized hill striking. It reduces your, your, your, the length of your striking up, um, in front of your center mass.
There are a lot of positive things that if you have the ability to track that, if you're getting that from your GPS track of, through your phone, Or through a smartwatch or a pod, that's very valuable information, simple information that we can make subtle tweaks just to pick up that cadence a little bit. It's going to help us in the long run.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:11:23]

Yeah, love it.    What I really love is him breaking down the running form. He has so many fantastic machines at his office. I think both you and I actually went into his practice, had our running form analyzed.
I mean, they have these machines where they can measure the force and the pressure on. An actual treadmill. So, you know, each foot where your foot is striking, how much pressure is placed on each foot.
Um, as well as the, almost break down your body into like a skeletal structure. And they're really able to measure your left hip, your right hip, um, you know, where things are looking, they can kind of look at it at a 3d model, see where you're leaning, where you're not leaning and, and other things.
And so I loved him actually breaking that down. Because, unless you see a visually, it's hard for you to really understand, you know, what they're looking at, how they're trying to analyze your running form.
So for me, what I loved is him breaking down the overstriding. Um, you know, what it looks like to overstride where you might actually have problems with shins and, and, you know, with, uh, the force of the pressure on your heels and actually how you may be applying brakes to your running form. So you're not running the most efficiently if you're overstriding. So I loved him actually breaking that down. Showing, you know what to look for.
And especially, you know, how you might want to look for it kind of later in runs. So, uh, your running form when you're on a treadmill and on those things, maybe you're really conscious about it, but you know, if you're in and half marathon where we had Jason PV house on our podcast just a week ago, you're running for may break down over time.
So you may want to have somebody videotape or take a look at your running form over time and see, you know, are there things that are breaking down. Um, or are there things to, you know, strengthen specific muscles to strengthen, to make sure that your running form is as efficient as possible over time.
So love that love that he was able to break all that stuff down, love the questions that people had and all sorts of questions, um, around, you know, uh, knee pain or around, you know, uphill, running, downhill, running. You know, it's just some fantastic questions from the audience, as you mentioned.
So we'll have the video I'm available up online and we continue to do these Q&A sessions, these town halls with experts. So come get involved. I think we're having them, uh, many Thursdays throughout the month. Uh, we're putting together a calendar. Uh, specifically for you to be able to add it to your Google calendar, as well as a PDF calendar for you to share out to other friends. Uh, so that we get the word out when we have these experts on these town halls. So fantastic job and a lot of fun.
Bertrand Newson: [00:13:48]
Yep. Well said, man.

Life Updates [00:13:49]

###### Kevin Chang: [00:13:49]

Awesome. Cool. Well, I wanted to get into a couple of life updates.    You know, I think for people who may be listening to the podcast may not be listening to the podcast. I'm not, I'm not sure, but, um, a couple of big life updates for me. Um, over the past couple of weeks.
One, uh, Christina and I are expecting a baby girl this November. So we're extremely excited about that.    I have some nervous anticipation, obviously trying to learn as much as possible for our first baby. So, you know, uh, figuring all of this stuff out behind the scenes. But really just so blessed to have a baby on the way I'm extremely, extremely excited. So, um, have that to look forward to this year. Um,
Bertrand Newson: [00:14:29] Fantastic!

###### Kevin Chang: [00:14:33]

And the other news from my side. So, um, I think those who have been listening to the podcast may know that I've been on a job search for the last couple of months. So I have accepted a position at Bill.com. And I'll be starting that position up in the middle of July. That shouldn't make any changes to the RaceMob podcasts and the fantastic content that we're producing for this channel and for the email.
In fact, we're onboarding a virtual assistant for us to help us continue making content and hopefully make even more and better content along the way. So, uh, one is to let people know that, ,    I am starting a new job, but I think that it's just good things for us. , I think it'll, it'll help us actually. Uh, be able to manage a lot of these things kind of on our side.
So a couple of those life updates from my side and coach, I know you have some fantastic updates as well.
Bertrand Newson: [00:15:21]
Yes. Uh, Again, man. So happy for both of you and Christina and your new employer is very, very fortunate. They could not have a better person.
So yes, lots going on here. Let's see with Coach "B" and RaceMob. 80/20 Foundation, the 80/20 Endurance Foundation. Um, our good friend, Matt Fitzgerald, he started a 501C3 and he wants to get uh, people of color, an opportunity to become, uh, professionals and sustain a long and rewarding career as an endurance professional, endurance coach, as a track and field coach cross country, coach rowing, coach, whatever it may be from a health and wellness athletic standpoint.
And we're not talking about a nominal, you know, $250, $500 grant. We're talking about someone who's going to be mentored for a year. A year long and they're the related fees covered in an effort to ensure that they have the most well-rounded focus, support and learn from Matt, uh, and people on our advisory committee that I'm happy to say that both Kevin and I are a part of.
And, uh, yeah, I have a nice role in the non-pro. And I'm just very fortunate. You know, we are able to give back to the community. That's been so good to us, but also as Kevin and I are both, , minorities, , being able to help others that look like us as well. So we're very fortunate to be working with Matt and thank you for the opportunity to, to share that.
Um, and other news, um, yeah, I don't know what else, Casey, what else do I wanna share?

###### Kevin Chang: [00:16:53]

How's your foot doing? How's your foot doing?
Bertrand Newson: [00:16:55]
Yes. Yeah, yeah. And maybe the entire audience doesn't know, but you will that I'm the happiest, I'm the happiest broken footed coach in America. Yes.
I'm about, ah, let's see, almost six weeks into my recovery. Um, I'll have a follow-up x-ray the middle part of July and hope to be given the green light to get back to some jogging in late July and running at some point in early to mid August, if all goes well and I'm in a boot in the house. Um, so it's braced the bottom half of my foot. So there's no bending, which is good.
And, uh, just pivoting my, my workout routine more time in the gym. And I've been on a roll. And we'll start exercise bike this week. So, um, I think it's a blessing in disguise. W how has that, how would someone who loves running as much as I do feel that it's a blessing right now to have a broken foot?
Here's why it puts me in the shoes of athletes that we work with because injuries do happen. And to be able to understand the mindset, knowing how to still stay active without delaying your recovery. The importance of dieting, the importance of getting sound advice from medical professionals, not always trying to self-diagnose and it gives you a greater appreciation when something is taken away from you.
Much like we had. And race is taken away from us in 2020. We see how that is all coming back. And it's so popular. There's a huge buzz out there. But for me as a running coach, I cannot ever take running for granted.
And again, it puts me in the shoes of those athletes who are navigating injury or who will at some point. And I think all in all, there were some, some silver linings that will happen for all, all parties involved myself first and foremost.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:18:35]

And I know that you've taken some of this. To get back into the gym, work on your strength a little bit more. So you're, you're not taking it lying down, so to to speak.
Bertrand Newson: [00:18:45]
I I, I missed, being in the gym and I've been spending a lot of time in the gym and that's impacted my, my protein. I think I'm eating cleaner because I'm, you know, more protein drinks, more smoothies, more salads in the cup. The corrupt challenge is complimenting that as well.
Um, then I think, um, you know, when I emerge on the other side, I'll be a stronger runner, uh, overall, and it probably will take me a little bit, bit of time to get my endurance back. But I think my core than my trunk will be strong and that will serve me best in the bigger picture, as I'm hoping to get in a marathon or two or a couple half marathons before the year is over.
Um, but being mindful of maybe avoiding some technical trails that I love to do, you know, being a six one, you know, taller, bigger runner that there's just more pressures being put on, you know, my lower limbs and maybe avoid a little bit of that running hiking. I love I can do that.
But as far as marathons or half marathons. I don't take it for granted. So when I do have the opportunity, I look forward to getting out there and pacing, uh, fellow runners, as there are lots happening from a race standpoint, as we'll talk more about in the coming weeks and months.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:19:48]

Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And we are seeing a lot more live races coming back. I know, um, you know, brazen racing has sent out a number of different emails, so a lot of their live races are coming back. I know that you're intimately involved with Rock and Roll San Jose.
And we had Jason PV house come back or talk to us last week about, , him being entered into that,    October 3rd, , half marathon. So I love the Rock and Roll. I mean, I've had a lot of fun with those half marathons. Um, definitely. Uh, if you're planning on doing a half marathon though, do some training,
I've definitely ran there before without much training. And, , I've paid the price. I think I, yeah, I had a stress fracture , caused by, you know, I completed the race.
I ran the race, but unless you have trained your body and trained up to that distance,    you may find yourself in an injury and so, um, Yeah.
definitely train up for it. , get ready for it, get prepared for it. , but October 3rd, that live race is coming back. And there's a number of different races is, , that I've seen, , the community really excited about coming back .
Bertrand Newson: [00:20:46]
Our team members are out there putting in work right now. Kevin, great call-out, um, regarding San Jose rock-n-roll.
You have time right now, even if you're you're on the couch and you look into get to the finish line because they have a 5k on October 2nd and the half marathon on the third. You know, RaceMob too legit we'll be providing the Pacers for that event. So we're very excited for that opportunity.
But you can find a training plan. We can help you with that. There's a great supportive community. , our town hall, , Q and A's, we'll be fostering some of that as well. They'll probably be some local community meetups and complimentary runs.
You can get out there. And if you're here, a local,. Um, and some of that will be shared virtually as well, but yes, there are live races happen here in the bay area. I think we have a brazen event on the 31st of July in San Leandro, California. Yeah, that's coming up. So I'm in a couple of other trail things that are happening as well, but.   
And a great way to hold yourself is to sign up for race, spend a little bit of money, invest in yourself and you hold yourself accountable because as Kevin mentioned, you know, if you don't, if you don't prepare for that race, at some point, we're going to pay the price for it.
So you have time now to get into a training plan that is either self navigated or supported by, , us here at RaceMob. , but yeah, no better time than to present, to sign up, look at the calendar and we will help you with it.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:22:02]

Yeah. Yeah. And if you're looking for training plans and training advice, feel free to reach out to us. Uh, we just had a meeting this morning with the 80 20, uh, organization. Bring a number of their training plans on the RaceMob site. , it's really, it's backed by science. One of the best ways to train in a way that is conducive to your body, that will help you reach peak performance, reduce the, , injuries that you may encounter.
So it just fantastic, fantastic training plans. , and then you'll have the support of a coach. , that that knows what he's doing, you know, over 300 graces and Coach "B", um, I'll be here to answer any questions and we just have a wealth of, friends of guests, of experts that you can tap into.
You know, we've,    talked to again, the Kevin Vandis of the world, we talked to    strength coaches, , all over we've had, Jason Fitzgerald on the podcast.    We've talked to Dean Karnazes and even got him involved in some of our coaching programs and, and with some of our clients.
So, , reach out to us. , we're here to support you all along the way. Um, can get you hooked up with the right training plans and with the right accountability.
So, , fantastic stuff overall.
If you like our podcast and sign up for our newsletter. We give you weekly tips on how to run your best race and have fun in the process. Just go to RaceMob dot com and sign up today.

Some News and Races [00:23:17]

Speaking of fantastic, things happening on the horizon and races. So I know that Nicole just finished a great race, um, recently, and then we've got to talk about the other race that happened around your Western states, man, because there is a lot to have in this last weekend.
Bertrand Newson: [00:23:32]
Wow. What a weekend? I mean, if you love running, it's the. What the most celebrated ultra marathon, some would say an a in the world, certainly in America, the oldest a hundred mile road race, the Boston marathon of ultra running.
And we had several, let's see several team members and , a former podcast guest and Verity Breen, who participated tough conditions. I mean, one, let only if you're running a hundred miles is Herculean enough, but to do it, um, in a hundred degree temperatures.
And let's give it up for the women. I mean, so anyone who had the three top 10 women overall finishers and, um, I mean it, Kevin, you reminded me of this, the second fastest woman finisher of all times.
So a shout out to, uh, Christian Valencia. The participated, uh, Endorphin Dude, Tony, who, you know, hats off strong, strong effort, all things considered, , and a couple other individuals as well. But what were your thoughts on that race? KC. How did you

###### Kevin Chang: [00:24:29]

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, incredibly technical race, obviously. Um, you know, so tough to get into as well as Dean Karnazes told us. It's tougher to get into Western States than it is to get into Harvard these days. Right. Um, just so few entries they've kept the entries off. Um, and so, you know, it is a lottery system it's really, really difficult to get into just, uh, incredibly tough and difficult weather conditions.
Um, we'll talk a little bit more about running And heat and what that means and what you have to do to compensate for running and heat. But you know, when the temperature gets up over a hundred degrees, um, you're running probably. 30 seconds, 40 seconds, you know, even a minute slower, um, to just to compensate for that incredible, you know, temperature, variance, so tough conditions.
I know that endorphin dude had been looking forward to this for years and years and years. Um, He said, you know, extremely technical, um, difficult terrain, especially early going, uh, ended up pulling a muscle in his hamstring. Um, you know, and it still toughed it out, you know, toughed it out and walked and walked in and tried to do, go as far as you possibly could.
And it's tough to just spend years wanting for this event, training for this events going after this event and not being able to finish, but you know, at the end of the day, as with any of these ultra marathons, it is a challenge. It is an absolute challenge just to get to the starting line, let alone to get to the finish line.
So just hats off to all these incredible folks, um, for, for completing the, you know, as far as they could in these events, um, You were telling me, Christine, you know, she went through so much just to get to that starting line through injury and everything else just to get to that starting line. And, you know, she was able to tough it out, uh, so incredibly much so, um, you know, And then Verity as well.
Bertrand Newson: [00:26:21]
Mean, it was, we say is, you know, it's, it's tough as they get in, in Verity who I think clips the 80, 83 mile mark and was within less than a month. Um, and then just missed the cutoff and you talk about a heartbreak, but she, you know, she, she took it in stride. Um, she had some of the most poignant and, uh, motivating, uh, post post race.
Just love her attitude. Um, we know she'll be back to fight another day, but, uh, hats off to all 2021 Western state, um, participants.
And our friend Dean. Now, when we talk with Dean was 2021 that he was going to participate?

###### Kevin Chang: [00:26:57]

No, no. So he participated in 2019. Uh, that was where his book was about here. You know, it was able to finish it. And here's a guy who had finished for a decade more, um, you know, that race and been able to complete it. And yet the book just talked in detail about how difficult the Western states race actually is.
You know, I mean, I think the mental. Toughness that you have to have to actually complete it. And I don't think the temperatures were quite as high when he was completing in 2019. But, um, man, I mean, it just hats off to all of these participants.
And as you mentioned, you know, Beth Pascal, second fastest women's time of all time in Western states this year, given the temperatures, given the heat. So, you know, she came all the way from the UK. We had, finishers all the way from New Zealand from Netherlands.
You know, so some fantastic,    international, field of women, and men, you know, taking place, um, over the weekend, so fantastic job there. And then you got to give a shout out to Jim Walmsley. I mean,
Bertrand Newson: [00:27:58]
14 hours and change.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:27:59]

The men's field. He, Yeah, he crushed the men's field. I mean, he was on pace, I think through the first half of Western states to actually set a new record. Um, obviously, you know, the heat got to him, um, you know, it caught up to him at the end, still eclipse, the next fastest man. I want to say hours, right? I mean, it was like, it was not even close.
He's just like he just kept putting on, um, yeah, he just kept going and putting distance between him and the second place. So I'm a fantastic job.
Bertrand Newson: [00:28:28]
Shout out to our friend and also fill a podcast. Yes. Uh, Greg landslide, who was, I think for the last four or five, six years has helped, uh, shepherd one of the largest aid stations out there. Um, he gets out there with another crew and lots of energy, but you know, one of his probably he enjoys doing that more than producing any other races getting out there.
Cause he's a Western states finisher himself from years, years ago. So, um, and at some point it'd be nice to get out there and I look forward to supporting or watching those, uh, rooting on the participants in future Western states. So hoping to be out there in 2020.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:29:03]

Absolutely. Yeah. And we've had other podcast guests who are out there. I think a Joyce Lee was crucial for Endorphin Dude. So I know that she was out there. I saw Mike uh, he was out there doing videos and, and on Instagram and on YouTube and whatnot. Um, so just fantastic support the running community, really all going out there to support this event.
Making sure that it    came off without a hitch, you know, despite the weather and despite all of that, you know, coming off without a hitch and, uh, just fantastic to see the running community out there, supporting each other,    especially this time around. So fantastic job.

The Olympic Trials [00:29:38]

Speaking of running and heat. I mean, you can't, you can't talk about running with heat without talking about what's happened in Eugene, Oregon this week. And, oh my gosh. I mean, you know, we thought it was hot out here in the bay area, but man, they're seeing some really, really hot temperatures up there for the US Olympic trials.
Some fantastic events happening, , all throughout the weekend, all throughout the week. , anything catch your eye, anything that you're excited for going into Tokyo this year?
Bertrand Newson: [00:30:02]
A simple answer. All of it. All!
And you know, and a couple of our listeners are aware this, that I was, uh, but this event would have happened in 2020, which was originally supposed to, um, I was a volunteer. So I would have been in Eugene last year, uh, this year that didn't happen, but I'm man, I love this. I love everything about the trials. I love everything about the Olympics and Tokyo is going to be on the horizon .
And even going back two and a half weeks ago. Um, the NCAA track and field championships were held in Oregon as well. So they had some fantastic performances where people, um, who either one they're respected event actually are participating in the trials this past week, week and a half. Um, and it earned their ticket to, uh, Tokyo.
And just think of all the hard work. Uh, so many wonderful stories that boil down to minutes and seconds and distance. And you know, on the last lap or the last row on the last jump, um, you can just relate to, to those athletes there that have put so much on hold and sacrificed so much time and energy for their one shot, and to see it come to fruition.
Or for those who almost made it and you just know that they're going to come back with even more determination. It's so inspiring. So, so inspiring. So any standout performances? I love it all.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:31:28]

Yeah. I mean, I know that they're going to be some real stars, you know, uh, when we get to Tokyo there just going to be some real standouts, but who's the woman who ran the a hundred ma a hundred meter. Uh,
Bertrand Newson: [00:31:39]
Oh yes. Cara Richardson.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:31:41]

Yeah. Cool man. She just blew, blew everyone    out of the water. I mean, she is
Bertrand Newson: [00:31:47]
She's pulling up before the start, you know, celebrating a little early, cause she's, she's just got it like that. She's incredibly confident, young and old, bright hopeful for the U S women to reclaim some sprint glory because the Jamaicans have dominated in the same thing in the men's field as well.
So us should be very well-represented in the 100, 200, the women's 200 men. We were talking

###### Kevin Chang: [00:32:09]

Man. That's
Bertrand Newson: [00:32:10]
about that.
Yeah. Uh, the young lady who, uh, the Harvard graduate

###### Kevin Chang: [00:32:15]

The Harvard grad. Yeah. Yeah. Who came in the second fastest time ever.
Yeah. I mean, just, she's just fantastic. And she even like pulled up a
little bit, you know, her arms were up in the air, like right at the end there. And man, I mean, so fast Allyson, Felix was running that same. Um, came in fifth. So, uh, you know, and it was just a fantastic story for Alison Alison is still going to the Tokyo Olympics in the 400 meter. Uh, which is Yeah, fantastic.
But the 200 meter man, that was, that was fantastic. So fantastic to watch. Right. Oh man. And there are some, some great stories on the men's side as well. I'm like, I'm struggling in a couple of them, the names of some of these folks, but you know,
Bertrand Newson: [00:32:56]
Yeah, the let's see the, the, the, um, 100 minutes, 100, uh, the overall winner let's see his name escapes me, but he's a new balance, uh, sponsored athlete. He'd been to the games before he was, uh, let's see you, the games in Rio and was injured. Um, and I think torn Achilles and was suffered a Tremaine, Brunel is his last name. Tremaine, Brunel, I believe, and has run the world's fastest time, recovered from injury and clearly looks like the favorite. I mean, he blew away the fastest other men in the United States.
So again, giving the U S the opportunity to reclaim their sprint glory at that particular distance, that just to make sense of just dominate it, you know, post Usain, Bolt's tenure and beyond. So, and then looking forward to the sprints, you know, the, the, the, um, Um, which is going to be fun. The 400 meter, the four by one, four by four men's and women.
And I believe they're introducing the, men's slash women where the men are wearing two legs and women are running two legs of the four by one and four by four for the first time it's been introduced. Yeah. Yeah. It's been introduced in a world championships for the first time in the Olympics.
That is super cool than certainly, you know, uh, gymnastics and swimming and all the other events. It's not, you know, we're not only talking about just track and filaments. There are so many athletes that have worked so hard to get back, um, or to earn their way for the first time. And it's a great opportunity to look at world athletics, um, emerging out of the pandemic. And I, I just cannot be any more excited to, to watch the games.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:34:27]

Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be thrilling. I mean, and there was like, 17 year old, who, who was coming out and the 200 meter I think, and, oh man. And, uh, no Lyles and Yeah. there's just so many fantastic stories, you know, the pole vaulting, uh, just yeah.
Bertrand Newson: [00:34:44]
We can on and on.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:34:44]

What I, what I, you know, yeah. I think the 10 K was just a fantastic race, I think, uh, especially on the women's side.
Uh, she, yeah, Steeple Chase. Oh man. And so, Yeah, Fantastic stories all around. I mean, you cannot wait to watch the Olympics. Um, it'll be a tremendous amount of fun. And hopefully it won't be in a hundred degree heat and a hundred degree weather,
Bertrand Newson: [00:35:07] they moved the, the marathon further north, um, in Japan because the temperatures are cool. Um, so trying to give them the marathoners a little bit of a break. So, um, that's nice to be able to do that, but it's going to be, it's going to be great, man. It's going to be great.
And we'll hopefully, you know, some type of the viewing party or report out on the women's marathon, the men's marathon, and some other marquee track and field events. And if you have anything you'd like us to cover in a specific way or something, we can all watch together. Um, we can talk about that. So feel free to enter your, your comments.

Episode Conclusion [00:35:38]

###### Kevin Chang: [00:35:38]

Yeah. Fantastic. Fantastic. Yeah.
Plenty of stuff on the horizon, we're working on a number of different things behind the scenes, . So, really excited to, , give you guys kind of some of these updates of what's happening with us and what's happening with the RaceMob.
And thank you guys all for listening.    And this , rambling, fun reminiscent of our Monday meetups of style podcast, where we give you some updates on what's happening in the running world and what we're excited about. So, um, thank you all again. Appreciate it.
Bertrand Newson: [00:36:05]
We are all happy for you. Yes. So you put in a lot of hard work and it's nice to say, uh, thanks and congratulations. And couldn't be happy for you and Christina with your pending birth of your beautiful baby girl. So.

###### Kevin Chang: [00:36:18]

Thank you. Thank you, Coach. Thank you, Coach. All right, we'll catch all you guys next week. Appreciate it.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode of the RaceMob podcast. Check out all of the show notes or find a running buddy online at RaceMob dot com. Please subscribe to us on apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your podcasts and leave us a review until next. Keep on moving.