Races, Challenges, and Training (Oh My!) - RaceMob's August Updates

Races, Challenges, and Training (Oh My!) - RaceMob's August Updates


In this episode we wanted to circle back. It's been a little while since we've actually jumped on the podcast, talk to our audience, so much has happened since we started off the year.

Kevin's going to be a father in the next couple of months. Bertrand is rocking the community with the Hammertime and our athletes are just flourishing right now.


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[00:00:00] Kevin Chang:
So you know, that support, I think is invaluable because you're spending so many hours and hours and hours training. So, having somebody there that you can ask questions of that can help you with that training plan and then the hydration and nutrition plan.

[00:00:15] Bertrand Newson:
But there's nothing like putting on a. Nothing like, you know lining up on the starting point. And seeing fellow runners to your left and right. And when that gun goes off and just being able to run free and feeling the support and positive energy of the running community, it is priceless. And it was reminded of that again,

[00:00:38] Kevin Chang:
Hello and welcome to the RaceMob podcast. This is episode number 63. I'm Kevin entrepreneur technology and fitness nerd. And I'm joined by the head coach of RaceMob and master motivator, the incomparable Bertrand Newson.

They, Hey coach, happy August. We just wanted to circle back. It's been a little while since we've actually jumped on the podcast, talk to our audience. So how are you doing today?

[00:01:03] Bertrand Newson:
By the laugh I'm doing great. I mean, here we are with the 25th of August so much has happened since we started off the year. I mean, you know, you're going to be a father here and next couple of months, you're back you know, working in a big, big you know, Silicon valley job. We're still pounding out quality content in another podcast.

And our athletes are just flourishing right now, as we're in the midst of race season. We'll talk about this Tokyo Olympics and so many other things, but lots is going on and yeah, looking forward to rolling up the sleeves and chatting. Okay.

[00:01:36] Kevin Chang:
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. What has been happening? What has been taking place? We recently. Are in the midst of finishing up our August challenge had a number of different coaches really on the platform. A number of you, our audience came out for the challenge. I think we had 60 60 folks sign up for the challenge start participating in these weekly conversations with different coaches throughout the, throughout the entire month.

So, I mean, give us your take. I know that you. If you spend a lot of time, you, you cultivated these relationships, you got people on board. So, so what was your

[00:02:09] Bertrand Newson:
It's been great. I've been learning, I mean, I've participated in all of the weekly accountability challenges, and we've had. Weeks. So that's five opportunities for me to be alongside our moderators coach Chris Smith, coach ed, coach, Serena coach, pat, et cetera, et cetera. And the interaction between the participants are all.

And the coaches and the level of accountability. I mean, when the coaches are suggesting things and we're committing and then helping them move the needle where either it's helping us run a little bit further, a little faster, or helping us be more mindful of preventing injuries for some of the runners that are a little bit newer to running, where coach ed being a master certified achie, running instructor, both walking and running.

Across the board just the interaction and the takeaways. And I would, I would feel pretty comfortable that most participants would say that they're more informed and in some level have improved that you, their running economy, their overall running knowledge. And if in some cases probably lost a pound or two or three in the process.

So overall good. And I look forward to continuing this challenge as we expanded in future months.

[00:03:14] Kevin Chang:
Yeah. Yeah. And I know the coaches also got it. Out of energy from, you know, having, having athletes there conversing with them, asking questions, telling them about the challenges that they face in their everyday life. And I think that that was great to see kind of that feedback loop, that energy taking place between athletes and coaches and just facilitating some of that.

[00:03:35] Bertrand Newson: A
nd, you know, from, let's see some of the stories we heard because sometimes, you know, you and I, we live here in the bay area and the south bay, this be specific Silicon valley. And a lot of the athletes that we see and interact with on a regular basis sometimes may be regional west coast in nature.

And we've been incredibly fortunate to have some athletes. One the east coast, one particular gentleman who lives just outside of Atlanta. He shared his story. This is someone who had completed a couple of marathons in the past, but real as he was slowing down a bit. And after a couple of tests, he realized he had a significant issue with his lungs and ended up having a, not single double lung replacement Double lung replacement. And that is the most complicated organ transplant. And it's the one with the shortest life expectancy after it happens, which typically is five years. And this gentleman has been post-surgery. Nine years and is training for the 20, 21 New York marathon. And he referred to our challenge and a coach, pat deer for some help with his training.

And it has just been fantastic Scott stroll, who we know had major heart surgery and lives in New Jersey and is training for the now Atlantic city marathon in October. The two of them shared stories. And again, we take a lot for. And it stores like that to give us perspective and inspiration and never to take each breath or each rep for granted or each, each step.

So that those, those takeaways, I think, supersede everything else. Then you never take your situation for granted. I was coming off a broken foot for, you know, the last two and a half, three months. So my. Pales in comparison to those incredibly powerful stories. So, but I look forward to more of these either town halls or accountability challenges, because it brings people together and people are able to share their stories, not just about how many marathons I've run.

What my PR is, but their actual stories and the ability to connect and feel that you have an extended fitness family that crosses borders and state lines. When we get a chance to do some destination running. And we had, we had this past summer. We had Jennifer by way of Maryland, who was part of our initial January challenge.

She was traveling initially in July for her with her family, but she pushed that trip to August and just by coincidence doing her west coast swing of San Francisco Monterey that the stars and stripes integral 5k, 10 K was happening on Sunday. She signed up about two weeks ago. And met the team, her two legit and RaceMob family and PRD her 5k with her kids present.

So cool. To see that go full circle from her finding about RaceMob and trying to find a race many months ago navigating sustained foot injury, getting advice from our resident PT arena. For to go through a, a slow cumulative mileage training program and to get the confidence back and then to start crushing race after race, after race, man, this is, this is what I love about the community.

This is what you know, that the stories like that, that just validate that we're doing what we're supposed to be doing.

[00:06:56] Kevin Chang:
Yeah. Yeah. And you can, you can just feel and see that vision right. Of, of being able to go to any location. Drop into any area and instantly have a connection, have somebody that you can, you know, connect with somebody that you've met across the country, but you have that innate love for the sport and the love for endurance running ends.

You know, everybody has a story to tell and these are just some incredible, incredible stories. And we're just so happy to have people on board. Want to share their story, be able to share their story and then, you know, get some value out of the challenge itself. Because as much as a coach sitting on stage telling you or motivating you may help some, a lot of, a lot of what we wanted to do this whole.

Was have accountability. Have you drive your own goals? Have you drive your own commitments for the week? And I think that was probably probably the most powerful thing of some of these meetings was, you know, going around the room towards the end of the meeting, asking each and every person. What are you going to commit to?

What is your commitment for this week? And for, you know, coach Adam Duran was removing sweets for me, it was starting to track attract the calories, track what I'm eating in. And so having that accountability to come back on Monday and, and face these people that you said, yeah, this is what I was going to do.

Did you do it? Did you do it? So I think just a lot of fun throughout that entire month.

[00:08:22] Bertrand Newson:
Yeah. Well said, man, I totally agree. Totally.

[00:08:26] Kevin Chang:
So definitely something that we will take a look at. How do we continue doing these types of challenges in the future? I know that we are launching a couple of new group training and group group coaching initiatives over the next. Maybe a couple of weeks to month. I know that you are so busy inundated right now, now with the one on one coaching.

And we, we want to do is be able to help more people and be able to connect more people that have similar goals be able to reach those goals. And we have so many of our former podcast guests and so many other connections out there that are willing to spend some time to come in and chat with our groups that we're having a lot of these sessions.

So we are launching some premium training services. That'll get you in front of Coach. "B" when you need it. And it gets you the help that you need. And really we're trying to help cater to them. Anybody within your price range and we're not, it's not, it's not super expensive or anything like that.

We just want to help you out, help you reach your goals and what we're realizing. Well, a little bit more and more is that when you put a
little bit of skin in the game in terms of, of money and monetary skin you're more you're, you've got skin in the game, so you, you want to see those results come through.


[00:09:38] Bertrand Newson: Yeah. I mean, you're you're right. We, we just want to help more people. We do. And Kevin, I could not have said it better. I'm busy. I am very busy and I love it. It doesn't feel like work. So when I say I'm busy, some people think, oh yeah, I know the grind, work distress. Always something to do. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I am living and work in the dream I'm working with motivated individuals that are looking to optimize their love of staying active and, and moving forward and running and doing that the most effective way that's tailored to their particular goals and where they're at right now, if it's based on a race in the future, it's based on training.

Particular type of terrain, a road or track or a trail. We have the ability to help the athletes, especially with the people who we've worked with, who we've collaborated with to put a supportive plan in front of them. Or if you have your plan that you're working on already, you may have a training plan that has worked for you in the past.

But if you could get good feedback on nutrition, hydration, Rest sleep recovery. Great insight from experience physical therapists that are accomplished that have written books that are active runners themselves nutritionist as well, all that comes with just being part of the RaceMob family.

And again, there's a price point for everybody. And the frequency is really depending on what you want to do, but we are looking forward to rolling out that group training and the more people are able to help them.

[00:11:12] Kevin Chang:
Fantastic. Well, Coach, talk to us a little bit about some of the races that are coming up. I know that you had this race, this last Sunday, a lot of participation. One of the first races here in San Jose. A long, long, long time. So want to hear your stories from the past weekend? And I know that you have a number of athletes who are coming up and racing this upcoming weekend as well.

[00:11:36] Bertrand Newson:
Yeah. Let's see how long has this podcast? And you got me in front of a microphone. So.

[00:11:45] Kevin Chang:
Well, we got to give people shouts out it's shout outs, right?

[00:11:47] Bertrand Newson: All right. So let, let, let me roll up the sleeves and start here. So this past weekend here in Santa Clara county community leadership started inaugural stars and strides five K and 10 K raising funds for the counties first responders, medical staff, and that event alone raised over $260,000 in its first year.

[00:12:10] Kevin Chang:

[00:12:11] Bertrand Newson:
Okay. The mayor was present members of city council and the county government. So that was really cool. Perfect weather. Nice, fast and flat course. They also offered some two for one special. So they able to generate some community interest. I think they had, I'm guessing maybe 2000 or so. Participate.

Family-friendly so you saw a lot of families out there with kids, young kids parents, grandparents, and the like, and the RaceMob family, the two legit family, a barrier one crew family all showed up in huge numbers. So from participating to also volunteering, we had a lot of people out there paying it forward saying, you know, I'm not going to race, but I do want to help out in my own way.

So a lot of our team members got out there and volunteered and the race day performances from the 5k and 10 K let's see, we had multiple individuals that had all time, lifetime beds. Ran at our young age, I was referencing this in our speed track workout this morning with some team members at the young age, if I'm 52.

Okay. But a lot of our team members are in that age range, you know, in their mid to late forties or late thirties into the some cases into their early to mid sixties. Some people ran their fastest distance in their entire life this past Sunday, and that's pretty frequent. That's pretty cool to say you were the best at something from a health and wellness perspective.

So shout out to Nicole, Jodi, Gloria. Let's see. I can go on and on and on. So many people placed either in their age group or had personal best performances overall could not be prouder. And that leads into what's next, this coming week. In the wine country, the Santa Rosa, half marathon and marathon on the 29th of August, we made it.

10 plus individuals participating between the half marathon and marathon. And they've been working hard in training fine tuning, their hydration and nutrition strategies. Many of them have participated in our accountability challenge or participated in our town hall, Q and A's. Multiple of those individuals are clients of ours and they'll be.

They will be informed. They know what the race day she was going to be. Then they're what they're going to be eating. The night before they have a hydration strategy for the week on race day, all that information has been shared and gone over and practice during their training. So there's not a lot of guesswork happening right now.

And I'm thinking back to some of my earlier years when I was running, I didn't know all of that. It was a lot of guesswork at a half marathon or marathon. I didn't have money. Schedule and when I was going to be taking gels or what I was, you know, that I think out a week, what am I going to eat? You know, two days out day of how soon to take gels what negative split was, all those things have been discussed.

So that's happening on the 29th of this month. And then shortly thereafter, as we get into October, we have the San Jose rock and roll. Half marathon that two legit fitness will be pacing, which is pretty cool. And the following Sunday, you have both, let's see the Chicago marathon on the 10th, and then one day after the marathon of all marathons, even probably supersedes the prestige of the Tokyo marathon is.

And we have a couple of team members that in clients that are participating in the Boston marathon that didn't happen last year because of the pandemic and which originally was supposed to happen in April of this year. And then pushed to October, it looks like that event is actually going to happen and I couldn't be happier for our participants.

And we have several team members that are actually draining, trying to qualify so they can participate in Boston. 2022, which is going to happen in April of next year. And we have clients that we have on their calendar that are going to Berlin that are going to London in 2022. So it's very exciting. The let's see lottery for the 2022.

Big Sur marathon just happened. You know, we had the executive director and the sales sales and marketing person on our podcast last year. Yes. Yeah, Doug Thurston and that's going to happen in April, so, so many races. And the good thing is that people are saying, you know, I want to do a half marathon or, you know what?

I never thought I can do a marathon, but maybe, and it's good to have those conversations when people are reaching out and saying, Hey, can we talk about this? Do you think it's possible? Do I have the ability and life course you do. It's just time. If you have the time, then we can find a way to get you to the starting line and also get you to the finish line with a lot of support in in-between.

[00:16:40] Kevin Chang: If you like our podcast and sign up for our newsletter, where we give you weekly tips on how to run your best race and have fun in the process, just go to RaceMob dot com and sign up today. Love that love that. Yeah.

And you touched on a number of different things. You know, obviously the training plan and, and how you train and how you get your body ready. You know, I remember my first marathon and just downloading some, some random training plan off the internet and not have it. Somebody to go to, to ask questions when I had questions or to help me modify when I needed as modify.

So you know, that support, I think is invaluable because you're spending so many hours and hours and hours training. So having somebody there that you can ask questions of that can help you with that training plan and then the hydration and nutrition plan. I mean, we've just had some fantastic guests on recently and a couple more right with, with Brian, Frank.

So interesting how individualized those plans can be and should be to, to help you on race day. You know, we're all different. We're all, we're not all the same person. We have heavy sweaters. We have light sweaters, we have salty sweaters. We have people that, that like a flavored water or people that don't like flavored water people that need a lot of calories, those that we need more fat calories or more glucose.

So it's so interesting to see. You know, how can you strategize your hydration, plan, your nutrition, plan, your pacing strategy, all of that, to get you the best results on race day. And having somebody to walk that through with you, talk with you about it, you know, even printing out some piecing calculators and everything to help you on race day hit those milestones as so, so important.

And is something that, yeah, definitely when I've ran my first marathon, I didn't know it existed or I thought. Way too expensive for me to even, you know be able to approach. And these are all tools that we're, we're offering to our athletes and that people are taking advantage of and people are crushing their PRS when they do so.

It's so fun to see. I mean, every time you mentioned a PR, it's so fun to see and we're seeing so many of them

[00:18:47] Bertrand Newson:
Yeah. And, you know, Casey, we could not be prouder of our, of our RaceMob community. W we couldn't Those components that you referenced pacing strategy. Nutrition specifically, what do we,
what calories are we taking in gels? And the like during the race and hydration, those are game changers. As much as we train, we put in the work and build the cumulative endurance over time and sprinkling in some speed work and heal work and recovery days that has to happen.

But what can unravel all that hard work? Is not having a good race day strategy. You can leave minutes out there on the course, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, you can, the wheels can start wobbling and you can hit the wall much earlier. If we ignore hydration, nutrition So, and we're just trying to give people the best opportunity to have their best race experience and leveraging all the hard work they've put in to get the fitness.

And when all those things sync up on race day, it can be wonderful experience and there's always takeaways. And when we have our, our town hall, Q and A's, and we have multiple athletes in community members together, they're able to share. What has worked for them and where they hit some areas of opportunity.

And it's those learning nuggets that just make us all more informed athletes. So I'm loving it. I'm loving it. And we're, again, we're seeing the success from our community as well.

[00:20:15] Kevin Chang:
No. Yeah. The other piece that I really have been enjoying is. Because physical events are coming back because these fiscal live races are coming back that our community is starting to have meetups happy events. And these are the meetups that you've helped foster all along the bay area. These are meetups that we hold.

We will start, continue to foster, especially at these event majors going forward. But then as we build a following across the country you know, having ambassadors in each location. And so there's a number of things that are happening behind the scenes that we're, you know, trying to find gear and get gear and do a couple of other things for those that are interested in and becoming ambassadors and becoming know.

The, the person that just have that meeting point, and it'll be something that we'll test going forward. But you know, that is that really fun, interesting component about race day is, is being able to have others that are there that can pass you on the back. That can encourage you when the wheels are starting to wallow and come off.

And it can really, you know that you yourself can have. Raise other people on race day and there's no better feeling than helping others on race

[00:21:25] Bertrand Newson:
No, no better feeling. I mean, we've had some, you know, during the pandemic, we've had to get creative in regards to social fitness and group runs. And we've been very fortunate here. We have wonderful weather out here on the west coast, and I've seen other running communities that we're affiliated with or the extended RaceMob family on how they've been able to be creative, especially in, in the Atlanta area with our friends Coach Indian coach test and team.

But there's nothing like putting on a. Nothing like, you know lining up on the starting point. And seeing fellow runners to your left and right. And when that gun goes off and just being able to run free and feeling the support and positive energy of the running community, it is priceless. And it was reminded of that again, this past weekend and the team camaraderie that community camaraderie all over health and wellness, which had been questioned so much because of the pandemic that for us to do something that brings people together Just just fantastic.

So looking forward to more of that knocking on wood, I'm hoping that we can all do our part to ensure that we can have these events around into the future and really supporting the local race organizers because they have very thin margins and again, they're, they're putting out their resources to help people.

And do something that's fun and active. That is family friendly. So whatever we can do in our small part in helping raise organizes with our, you know, RaceMob 2.0 website and, and having ambassadors and other parts of the country as well. All we're all the better.

[00:22:54] Kevin Chang:
Love it love it. One thing you alluded to at the beginning of the show and something that we didn't get to touch on yet is Tokyo Olympics. I know it's already been a month gone by, we've got the Paralympics actually kicking off and happening right now. But it was definitely something we were.

Psyched about excited about, or there were so many both track and field events with the marathon events as well, so many storylines. So what were some of your favorite storylines from, from months ago? From Tokyo?

[00:23:20] Bertrand Newson:
Let's see one, I'm glad that the games happen, you know, so I'm, I'm glad that they were able to still pull it off. I would hope to be able, well, I will be at the LA Olympics when they're

[00:23:30] Kevin Chang:
Me too. We'll make it

[00:23:32] Bertrand Newson:
what we will, we will be there. We'll be there hoping to be on the field as a, as an official.

And that would be best case, but certainly w w we will be at the games. So The sprint events were fantastic. I had always been a fan of the track and field events. You know, I'm a certified USA track and field official, but that wasn't what really caught my eye. It was all the middle distance running which I really enjoyed the marathons, both were fantastic.

And the Jamaican sprinters. The women sprinters, you know, in the 100, 200, just fantastic. I love the four by four. The four by one. I think there were some athletes that may have peaked in 2020 and from their, their form and, and for one reason or another, they didn't have their best performance when it mattered the most when the lights were the brightest.

And I'm speaking specifically about some. Top name, us performers. But all in all, I think us still came out with the most gold metals, most metals overall. And I cannot wait for the world championships that will be happening at the university of Oregon at yeah. In let's see the summer of next year.

So it will be like the, the mini Olympics what, some of the world's best and hoping that we'll have some presence up there at that event next year. So.

[00:24:43] Kevin Chang:
No. Yeah. And again I mean, I guess the next summer Olympics will be in three years, so it'll, it'll be here before, you know it and winter Olympics again here in February. So before you. We're going to have some more world-class competitions. I think some of the ones that are really, you know, some of the storylines that really struck me the, the hurdles 200 meter hurdles, I think 200 meter or 400 meter hurdles world records being broken on both the men's side and the women's side Cindy McLaughlin.

And you know, I mean, breaking it by almost a second, I think both sides of the going. So that was, that was incredible. I thought that was a lot of fun. Yeah.

[00:25:20] Bertrand Newson:
yes, the, the gentlemen from boy Norway,

[00:25:24] Kevin Chang:
something like that. Yeah.

[00:25:25] Bertrand Newson:
Beat Riah Benjamin. Yep. So.

[00:25:27] Kevin Chang:
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean

[00:25:29] Bertrand Newson:
mints, the mints 101 by a gentleman from the Italian.

[00:25:34] Kevin Chang:
Italy. Yeah. Yeah. That was a surprise. That was a complete shock. It was out of left field and wow. I mean, yeah, so incredible storylines. I mean, just seeing Allyson, Felix, walk off with that gold medal and that the four by four by four. I mean, that was, that

[00:25:51] Bertrand Newson:
Yeah, her story overall, just, yeah. That's you're right. Yeah. I agree. And there's so many storylines and hopefully as much as we are talking right now in a podcast where we're working behind the scenes, that in the future we'll have an Olympian or two or three sharing their own unique story with our audience in the future.

So stay tuned.

[00:26:11] Kevin Chang:
Yeah. Yeah. Other storylines that I loved triathlon especially this year, they had more co-ed relays. So I think us taking second and the co-ed relay for the triathlon. I thought that was just fun to watch in general. I mean, that was, that was a really cool event. Kind of fast paced as they do the sprint triathlons for the, for the relay.

And then obviously the marathon you know, some gray storylines Molly Cytal Mary Kay. He wasn't American. It was her

[00:26:38] Bertrand Newson:
Third marathon. Yeah. Her first marathon C placed in a U S trials.

[00:26:43] Kevin Chang: wow.

[00:26:44] Bertrand Newson:
then, yeah. And then her third marathon, she gets with a bronze,

[00:26:48] Kevin Chang:
Bronze metal. Yeah. Or a third ever marathon. And, and, you know, I mean the the interview afterwards you know, drink a beer for me, drink a beer for me. I'm too tired. Oh, we'll have to use that somewhere. I think that'll be a quote

[00:27:02] Bertrand Newson:
And you mentioned that the diversity, that the more co-ed sports or just the amount of different sports, there's some sports quite frankly. I don't understand. I don't get, but Hey, it's an Olympic sport. It is what it is. I understand that dancing is coming in the future. Yes. All

[00:27:19] Kevin Chang:
that makes sense for Paris, I

[00:27:20] Bertrand Newson:
Air pistol. What is air? Anyway I can go on and on, but overall I'm glad that the games happen. Again, we're, we're spoiled that we'll see the games again in three years. And as you mentioned, the winter Olympics are right around the corner. And we hope to bring some Olympic stories to you by way of our podcast in the future.

I mean, working behind the scenes to see if we can make that happen. So.

[00:27:41] Kevin Chang:
Yeah. Yeah. And got to give it up to show you, right? I mean, yeah,

[00:27:47] Bertrand Newson:
and those conditions, most of the women, the women's race was varied con
you know the temperatures and the humidity very tough, tougher than the men's race, but still, I mean, you had, I think a 30% plus drop rate on both sides where people just couldn't deal with the elements. So, and those are world-class. So we go back to, how was their hydration? How was the nutrition? Did they train in light conditions? You know, maybe we could reach out to the RaceMob family and we could have helped them out with, we have a plan that works for you.

[00:28:19] Kevin Chang:
okay. Yeah. But so cool to see crypto gay, I mean, really run away with it. His fitness level is just far beyond everyone else. And you know, I mean, I think there were questions after London you know, can this guy, Kenny stay dominance, canny still win. And we knew kind of in through the spring, you know, there are questions throughout.

And so to see him really pull away from the rest of the field and dominate that race

[00:28:43] Bertrand Newson:
He could have ran another 15 miles.

[00:28:45] Kevin Chang:
It really was.

[00:28:47] Bertrand Newson:

[00:28:48] Kevin Chang:
Yeah, you barely tired, barely breaking a split. So that was, that was really, really cool. I know that there's some interesting stories coming up for Chicago for Boston. Want to just highlight a couple from the RaceMob to legit community.

I know Casey too. I is, is running here in Chicago, had a, had a really great conversation with him, not too long ago. So Coach, you want to highlight his story and

[00:29:12] Bertrand Newson:
What a wonderful human being. Kenneth is a visually at one. He's a great dude. He's an athlete. He's, he's, he's been running his entire life. He was a track athlete and at some point he had some vision issues and now is legally blind. He's visually impaired. And this is the same gentlemen who a year and a half ago did the Disney channel.

So in four successive days, ran a 5k, 10 K half marathon and marathon, visually impaired. And he's now in the midst of training for the 2021 Chicago marathon. And we'll have probably one or two guide runners. So just imagine, you know, all the training that you have to go through let alone running a marathon, not being able to.

You know, he's legally blind. So and he's been an incredible supporter of RaceMob he's president of the majority of the town hall, Q and A's at the majority of the accountability challenge, zooms that we've had this month. And he's a very good contributor because he's sharing his own knowledge. I mean, he's been a coach before in the past.

So we're all benefiting by his, his efforts and Nicole. Who will be towing the line for the 2021 Boston marathon. She participated in 2018. She's also in the midst of a 50 state marathon quest. So she's going to run out. The goal is to run a marathon. In every state she recently checked off Milwaukee.

She'll be traveling to Texas next month and crossing off Texas. She was in Hawaii earlier this month. She crossed off Hawaii. Nicole actually did a triathlon the age group, triathlon national championships. And after she finished the 10 K portion of her run, she kept running for 20 miles. To get the marathon distance and in checkoff, the state of Wisconsin.

So yeah. And where we actually ironic that we'll be sharing her podcast coming up very compelling story, dynamic individual. So those are just some of the, some of the stories that we, you know, with some of our athletes and friends of RaceMob in upcoming major marathon.

[00:31:23] Kevin Chang:
Yeah. Yeah. And speaking of friends of the podcast Seth Demore dominating Pike's peak marathon again, second year in a row, and we know how much that race. To him. You know, he grew up with his, his dad running that race. And so fantastic to see that fantastic to see, you know, all of the fruits of his labor paying off and all that hard work paying off.

So It's it's always fun. You know, having these guests on the show, I think this is episode what, 60 something. Now we've had so many, we've had, we've had so many and we just get to follow their stories as they continue to accomplish this amazing things throughout. So so thank you. For you guys listening to us as we ramble on and give you guys an update of what's happening here behind the scenes.

So thank you all for tuning in for this episode as we update you on August. So thankful for all of you and continue to do amazing and fun things here on the podcast and on the site. So if you haven't already. Sign up for the newsletter. Come join us for one of these challenges. Come join us for training and for coaching.

Especially if you have an event coming up in the next couple of months, we can help you get to the starting line, help you get to the finish line. So thank you again,

[00:32:35] Bertrand Newson:
Thanks to you.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode of the RaceMob podcast. Check out all of the show notes or find a running buddy online at RaceMob dot com. Please subscribe to us on apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your podcasts and leave us a review until next time. Keep on.