Running Products - the Gear You Need for Amazon Prime Day Featuring Scott Strool

Running Products - the Gear You Need for Amazon Prime Day Featuring Scott Strool


All right, RaceMob audience, we talked to awhile ago about products, the last Amazon prime day. We even had some gift guides on our YouTube channel, but we haven't really talked about products to our RaceMob podcast audience, and we know Amazon prime day is also the day that all of these other sites, announce discounts just for Amazon prime weekends.

So in this episode we invited Scott Strool, Head of Product at Racemob, to talk about shoes, socks, shirts, shorts and which products we all recommend in these categories.

We also got a very special, happy moment to share with all of you, so let's dive into this conversation


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Intro Quote [00:00:00]

We talked to awhile ago about products, the last Amazon prime day. And we even had some, um, you know, gift guides and everything on our YouTube channel, but we haven't really talked about products to our RaceMob podcast audience.

Kevin Chang: [00:00:12]

So I think the first thing that we want to talk about are some of the essentials, some of the things that new runners into the sport, the things that you really, really need to have and need to have available to you.

Episode Intro [00:00:28]

Hello and welcome to the RaceMob podcast. This is episode number 52 .
I'm Kevin entrepreneur technology and fitness nerd, and I'm joined by the head coach of RaceMob and master motivator. The incomparable Bertrand Newson.

Start of the Interview [00:00:42]

All right. RaceMob audience. We are here today to talk about products, running products and the like, just in time for Amazon prime day. And we know Amazon prime day is also the day that all of these other sites, I think Walmart and target and all these other sites have announced discounts. Just for Amazon prime weekends.
So we thought that we would bring back a fan favorite of the show and incredible guy. Some of that you all love our very own head of product. Scott Strool. Welcome back to the podcast, Scott.

Scott Strool: [00:01:15]

Hey everybody. Nice to talk to you. And, uh, can't wait to share with you our favorite products that are taking up all of our no space in our house.

Kevin Chang: [00:01:25]

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think the goal today is talk to you about the products we love, as well as the products we buy and had high hopes for, but didn't end up using so much so that we can save you a little bit of money over time as well.

Updates and Great News! [00:01:38]

Before we dive into products, let's get some, uh, uh, updates from the crew. I know Scott you've just started a new job. How is the new job, uh, treating you?

Scott Strool: [00:01:48]

Yeah, so the new job is great. Um, I'm trying to not let it affect my training plan, but it did affect some of my sleep. So, uh, I learned to become a morning runner right early.
And I tried to get my workout done before work because I don't have, you know, the nine to five is now somebody else's time. Right. But I'm enjoying it. And you know, I'm still working from home remotely. Of course. So I can't get down to the gym right. At five or. At the gym in the morning. So it's not affecting my training too much.

Kevin Chang: [00:02:15]

What, what are you training for these days?

Scott Strool: [00:02:17]

So, yeah, coach and I went through my calendar of last week. So, um, we've added some yeah. Events, the event that I'm most excited about is this RaceMob well, it's kind of a race, but it's called the training run and train is in the word train. And the whole idea is that we get about a hundred to 200 people and you get to pick your distance and we run along the tow path.
From Trenton, New Jersey, all the way to Somerset, New Jersey, it's about 70 miles and you pick your distance. And the whole idea is that, uh, if you want to go further, you've got to start earlier and run faster. So the bus goes down and drops you at the very beginning and you run. And then they leave at like four in the morning.
And then people who want to run a little bit less distance, like 20 miles, they catch up and ultimately everybody is all caught up. And then all 200 people finish the last few miles and come into the park and then we have a barbecue.

Kevin Chang: [00:03:08]

Awesome. Wow. I love that sounds amazing. That sounds amazing.

Scott Strool: [00:03:12]

Yeah. I'm looking forward to that.
So that's in August and I'm hoping to do about 20 miles to 20 miles.

Kevin Chang: [00:03:17]

Wow. 20 miles in August. That sounds great. That sounds great. What, what's the, what's your pace look like these days?

Scott Strool: [00:03:24]

Yeah. So, you know, you can pick the pace as well. So the faster you go, the more you can steep, if you want to go slower than you got to go earlier.
So. Uh, I'm probably gonna go shoot for that. The nine 30 to 10 minute pace for that 20 miles. It's on dirt. It's not on, it's not on pavement, so it'll be nice on the, on the shin,

Bertrand Newson: [00:03:42]

on the surface with recovery, nice conversation, pace.

Scott Strool: [00:03:46] We find, you know, a bunch of people and, um, hopefully it won't be muddy.
Kevin Chang: [00:03:49]

Coach. How, how are you doing these days? I know, um, I know we got some texts and some messages last week, you're suffering a little bit, uh, injury wise. Um, how are you holding up? How are things going?

Bertrand Newson: [00:04:00]

As crazy as it sounds, what I'm about to say, I feel great. And I have a broken foot, right? What are the odds in that who feels great with a freaking broken foot?
This coach does Y um, there are a lot of other things that are going on are just fantastic. As you know, K. C., a lot of professional opportunities and other, and as a coach, we know that sometimes injury happens. Sometimes it's a strain. Sometimes it's a chronic soreness, chronic fatigue, and sometimes it's a significant injury.
And in this case I had a broken foot, a fracture, fourth metatarsal, we'll see a foot specialist on Wednesday and hopefully surgery isn't required. But what does this do for me? It allows me to still stay active while navigating injury. It puts me in athlete's shoes that are dealing with the same thing, dealing with injury.
That's going to have to take them out of the cardio. Focus of their workouts and pivoting to something as cross-training Aqua aerobics in the gym, things along those lines, while still staying active and not getting boo hoo. Woe is me. You know, I'm going to eat four pizzas and 10 donuts and you know, a case of beer.
I can't do that. You know what I'm saying? You still have to keep your eye on the bigger prize. And being optimistic absolutely helps promote recovery. As we learned in our last week's podcast episode with our special guests. So I'm embracing it. And, um, what I do have is just a plethora of positive vibes coming back from the entire fitness community RaceMob community to legit fitness community.
So I have no reason, but to be up. And optimistic and I'm going to embrace this. Like I do every single thing else in my life with positivity and optimism.

Kevin Chang: [00:05:36]

Oh man. Yeah. Yeah. You gave us no excuse, man. We got to go. Yeah, no excuses, no excuses on this side. I mean, you make us want to run through a brick wall, so.
Yeah, positive vibes, positive healing vibes, but we know that you're going to come out the other side, even stronger. And, um, yeah.

Bertrand Newson: [00:05:51]

And barbecue. If you think barbecue, barbecue helps your you're quicker.

Kevin Chang: [00:05:55]

That's right. That's a hundred percent correct.

Bertrand Newson: [00:05:58]

Back on the beer a little bit. The barbecue is absolutely protein.
Let's get into some reviews here. All right. So product discussion,

Scott Strool: [00:06:04]

I like to review that meat that you ate yesterday. Cause we sold those pictures on Instagram and

Bertrand Newson: [00:06:08]

they were absolutely when you get on West Scott, I got, we got barbecue for you. Definitely barbecue. The barbecue kind of sewers here. So that was definitely.

A baby Girl! [00:06:15]

Kevin Chang: [00:06:15] Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, I I've gotten an update. I've got an update that I got to let people in on. I think we alluded to this, uh, a couple of weeks ago when we were talking about our 50th episode, um, how things are changing behind the scenes and everything, but, uh, Christina and I are expecting. A baby girl, this November.

So, so life has changed. A lot of things are changing behind the scenes. We just let some of our friends know, uh, just this last weekend. Um, everybody has been so supportive, so exciting. Um, so we just can't say enough. Thank you for everybody.
Over the moon. Uh, so excited to welcome her. Um, and again, November end of November is still six months away, but yeah, it seems like, it seems like the world has already changed, uh, quite a bit. So, um, yeah, just wanted to let the RaceMob cubit. No,

Bertrand Newson: [00:07:07]

by far, I mean, I couldn't be happier for you. I mean, it's from two fathers, you know, Scott and myself, we know how it is.
We know from it. Firstborn the news, the anticipation, the related anxiety, and you have a village that is going to help you and Christina from step to step and couldn't have better parents and where we're elated and excited. And we have you, we have your back 24 seven, 365 men. So.

Scott Strool: [00:07:33]

And it looks like I need to update the products database for some, uh, infants.

Kevin Chang: [00:07:37]

Yeah. Yeah. We may have to add a stroller or something running stroller or something in there. Some baby weights or something. We'll we'll get them started early. Yeah.

Essential Prodcuts - Shoes [00:07:45]

Awesome. Well, let's go ahead and get into products. I think.
We talked to awhile ago about products, the last Amazon prime day. And we even had some, um, you know, gift guides and everything on our YouTube channel, but we haven't really talked about products to our RaceMob podcast audience. So I think the first thing that we want to talk about are some of the essentials, some of the things that new runners into the sport, the things that you really, really need to have and need to have available to you.
So let's start with shoes. You know, I think shoes, we have this ultimate guide to shoes online. I think it's important for anybody who's new to running to realize that running shoes actually do matter. They matter quite a bit, and we recommend everybody go to a running store someplace that can really help fit you, uh, for your running shoe needs.
But. Take a look at those online, uh, that ultimate shoe guide, if you really just want to buy your shoes online, because there are a couple of things that you really need to know one around the size of your feet,
the width to around pro nation super nation. I think that those are really important things to know, you know, whether you have more flat feet or higher arches, and whether you supinate or pronate, you know, your foot strike, a lot of these shoes have different heel drops.
You'll see. Heel drop is one of those things. That runners like to talk about whether that be zero he'll drop and you land on mid-foot or, you know, quite a bit of heel drop cushioning, responsiveness. That's another thing to talk about. There are shoes with a lot of cushioning and their issues that are built for speed.
More responsiveness. So Scott, I know that you are the King of shoes. We've talked about this a little bit. You have a number of different shoes. Tell us what you're running in. Tell us how you think about shoes and how you've kind of amassed this collection over time. ### Shoes: Scott's Recommendations [00:09:28]

Scott Strool: [00:09:28]

Yeah, so, uh, yeah, I do like a lot of shoes and, um, that I haven't for different purposes.
So when you are shopping for shoes, know that, understand what type of runner you are is also it's important, not just the fit. Um, you're going to hear phrases like daily, daily trainer or a tempo shoe or a long day shoe, and then ultimately a racing shoe. So those are the four types of shoes you could be getting.
If you want to buy just one, then the one to get would be your daily trainer, which is going to be, you know, something with a lot of cushion so that you can take it all that impact then on the roads. Um, so you're gonna want to look for something with a larger. Stack height, you know, and it's usually, it's usually described in millimeters, good stack height shoes are, are going to have between 25 and 30 millimeters.
Um, those are going to protect your foot. My daily shoe has been the sock and you ride 13. Um, that one has a lot of cushion, not on there for me. And so if I'm going to just do a run in the morning, I don't have to think about it. That's the shoe I just grabbed. I know that's my shoe. If I have a specific workout that coach and I have prepared, he's going to tell me that I need to do tempo runs, and I need to pick up the pace a little bit.
Then I'm going to want something a little bit lighter because I don't want my leg to work a little harder. And the shoe that I go to the areas again, Saucony and it would be the endorphin speed is my, my primary fast. I call it a fast day shoe or my template day shoe. I know we haven't been racing, but I've still been collecting racing shoes.
So I have several what I would call like half marathon, marathon racing shoes. And those are typically shoes that are either going to be much lighter with a, um, a thinner, upper, um, a lighter upper, but they also might have some type of plate in them to help you with that performance and plated shoes are usually the more expensive because they have more technology in them.
Um, my playdate shoe of choice, again, your sock, any as the endorphin pro. It's a good time to shop for that shoe right now, because the pro two was just released last week. So the original pro just dropped by $50. Wow. It's the same great shoe. Yeah. And it's not , it's just a little bit, they tweak the upper a little bit, but, um, it's still the same performance that, so if you're looking for that carbon plated shoe, look, look to the socket endorphin.

Kevin Chang: [00:11:30]

Have you found a big difference between the, the carpet fibers and the, um, non-carbon?

Scott Strool: [00:11:35]

Uh, I do. Yeah. I mean, they are a little bit harder on your foot, so you wouldn't want to train in them every day. So my legs are kind of beat up if I do a tempo day in the pro. So I probably wouldn't use that more than once a week.
And I probably wouldn't take that out for more than a 10 K unless it's the race. Um, I would never do a, like a long day shoe, like a long run shoe. I would pick something a little bit lighter. I wouldn't do my, uh, the right 13 is not what I take my long day shoot today is not a sock any, but it's, uh, the, uh, hookah on a Mach for, mm that's been my long day shoe.
And, um, because of I'm coming off of an injury, I had some torn tendons that are pretty much a hundred percent healed. And so I will be doing a longer run this weekend and we'll see. And, uh, Coach we'll need to talk about that to make sure that's prescribed. But, um, that's my goal anyway, to go more than 10 K, which I haven't gone more than 10 K in about four weeks,

Kevin Chang: [00:12:28]

Do you have more of a neutral. Do you find, do you pronate, do you supinate, did you find any issues? Are you, can you go pretty much with like recommended neutral types of shoes?

Scott Strool: [00:12:38]

So I'm a neutral runner. I don't, uh, I don't supinate or pronate. And the way I found that out was I did get fit. Um, I went to a running shoe store and they have them in the Bay area.
It's called road runner sports is the one that I went to. And, um, what they do is they put you on a treadmill and they film you and you can, they actually will show you whether or not you're leaning to the input. If you're leading in, then you're. Then you're super needing. If you're leaning on the outfit, you're pronating.
I believe that's correct.

Kevin Chang: [00:13:02]

That's awesome. Yeah. I think most runners are probably neutral. Uh, I know that I pronate, which makes it difficult because I know a lot of the online review guys, the, you know, Seth, James Nemours and the mic.    is up there. They've usually have neutral shoes. So it's hard for me to get recommendations from them.
Cause you know, I can all use a subset of the shoes that they recommend, but that's fantastic. I know that they've recommended some of these Saccone shoes. The endorphin speed is one of the ones that's top of their list. Have you migrated over to Saccone? Cause I think when we talked to you in January, you weren't using that many Socrates.
Yeah. I would

Scott Strool: [00:13:36]

think that, uh, out of the dozens of pairs that I have, I probably have. And the brand I have more Saucony than any other shoe. Well, I would say second would be, it would be Nike.

Kevin Chang: [00:13:47]

Interesting. Well, which Nike shoes do you have? Um,

Scott Strool: [00:13:50]

so if I'm grabbing a Nike shoe, I still have, and I'm holding onto I'm clutching onto this shoe.
And I, I treat it with kid gloves is the turbo, the turbo too. So I still like that shoe. I ran my first marathon, my only marathon in that shoe. Unfortunately it whore the soul tour, Nike to replace it. So I did get a new pair after 40 50 miles. They sent me a second pair and it wasn't the same color way, but I like it just as much.
So I don't run it that much, but that's my favorite Nike shoe that I have, but I also still have the original tempo next percent I have the temple 4%, which I've never ran in. Cause I bought it right before the pandemic started and my marathon in 2020 was canceled. So I still have my 20, 20 marathon shoe.

Kevin Chang: [00:14:33]

Great to you, by the way. Are they species? They're the racing shoes you would consider them? Yeah, I consider them

Scott Strool: [00:14:39]

racing shoes. Um, I like the, um, the tempo next percent, um, is really a very light shoe. The vapor flight next percent. Um, I that's my 5k racing shoe. Um, and that's the one that I'll race. If I know I'm looking to, uh, just go fast for a short time distance

Kevin Chang: [00:14:53]

paper fly in favor of is, are the ones with the carbon, right?

Scott Strool: [00:14:57]

Yeah. The vapor flies have carbons. The vapor fly and then there's the newest shoe, which just came out, um, as the next percent too. So there's the next percent, which is that green one that I think everybody, all the RaceMob fans, but I've seen that a lime green shoe that was the next percent. And then the next percent two came out, just, um, I think in, in April

Kevin Chang: [00:15:16]

and that's the one that's like impossible to get.
Right. That's the one that's like. Most of stocking up at local shoe stores. You gotta, you gotta find your way in and get the right size.

Bertrand Newson: [00:15:26]

Our friends, right running revolution has a nice supply. So you can contact. Chris had running revolution and, uh, he has them in stock. I've seen some, we actually picked up a pair.
Let's see Nicole and, uh, Becky picked up a pair from that location in the last, uh, 30 days or so. So.

Kevin Chang: [00:15:42]

Yeah. I know when we chatted with him, he's like, it's hard to keep these in stock. We'll probably won't provide any discounts on these types of shoes because you know, you can't find them online. People got to go into those local stores to go get them.

Scott Strool: [00:15:53]

Just the ones I mentioned, like, you know, if you're interested in looking at more shoes, um, certainly look up some of the running shoe. Um, reviewers on YouTube there, you mentioned two of them, Mike, Mike, and Seth, but there's also a guy named ed, bud. Right. He does a great shoe review. And then another one who's local to me, who I hope to meet in New York one this summer, her name is Emily Heller and she puts out a shoe review every Sunday.
So those are the four that I listened to that probably a dozen more. But those are the top four and ginger runner. Yep.

Kevin Chang: [00:16:23]

Do they have different running styles? Do you find that they all kind of recommend the same shoes over time?

Scott Strool: [00:16:28]

Ed is the, in the UK. So he's got a bit of a inter you know, a sense of humor that some of us might not understand, but, um, he seems to be different than others. So he'll like something that, that Seth hated or the other way around.
And, um, so you have to listen to both of them. But you have to make up your own opinion. My ultimate suggestion would be, make sure that you can try the shoe and return it if you can. And a lot of good running shoe stores will let you actually run in them and still return them running warehouse for one will let you do that.

Kevin Chang: [00:16:57]

Yeah. Love the advice. And a lot of the local ones around here. I know Chris does have a generous return policy. Um, they, they want to make sure that you're a long-time customer of theirs. That you'll, you'll be coming back time and time again. So, um, That's great. Great advice, coach. I know that you're also a shoe officially.
Natto. I have a lot of shoes. I know. I know. So,

Bertrand Newson: [00:17:17]

uh, what are you wearing? One shoe
I hate, I would hate to be in two boots, so,

Shoes: Coach B's Recommentations [00:17:20]

Kevin Chang: [00:17:20]

well, when you're not in the boots, what, uh, what shoes are you running in and recommending? And which ones do you, do you like, cause you have a different frame obviously than Scott does, so maybe she's kind of fishy a little bit different, huh?

Bertrand Newson: [00:17:32]

Yeah, let's see here. I'm a fan of, uh, hookah on I own it. And fan of Nike. Um, that's what takes up the majority of my shoe collection as I speak right now. Um, I've heard a lot of good things about the endorphin pro and endorphin speed.
I'm seeing them pop up on lot of our athletes feet. Um, and the same with, uh, just, uh, the latest line of the, maybe the latest two or three models of Brooks, Brooks are becoming quite popular at the Wednesday speed workout. Um, I don't know the particular model that, that the common theme and model that Brooks for a lot of our athletes that are attending speed workouts with back to myself.
Uh, let's see, I'm running in carbon plated shoes for typically. Devil distance, 10, 10, 12, 14 plus miles. For me, I'm a 61 runner, you know, weight between, you know, a good day, one 86. I'm now probably closer to one 95 with a little bit of, uh, training gym training. So I'm putting on some quality weight, I think.
And from a Hoka standpoint, unlike like the Clifton, um, it's always been a good model to me. The Napoli's been very good to me as well. When I'm running trails, my primary trail shoe is either an N a Nike pro shoe or the C Hoka ATR. Um, those are served me well, durable, um, nimble light enough and good traction.
Um, that's kinda it in a, in a nutshell, um, I kind of keep it simple and I haven't, I haven't purchased a pair of shoes in about three months, which is unique for me. Pair of running shoes. Is that right? Yes, that's going to change though. Um, this month I'm picking up a new pair of Nikes, the ones that, uh, Scott referred to the next percent twos. So they're, they're on order from the brand.

Scott Strool: [00:19:09]

I have a car coming tomorrow.

Kevin Chang: [00:19:10]


Bertrand Newson: [00:19:11]

I hope to get to the test in a, in a goal marathon at the end of the year. So my.
Spring slash summer marathon season for coach is on hiatus until further notice. So, um, re re shifting towards the, uh, late fall and, and, and winter, all things considered and really focusing on our athletes that are really, you know, asking that advice. We're talking about shoe rotation, you know, you're not just running a one pair of shoes.
You have two or three different road shoes as Scott referred to, depending on what you're wanting. For the nature of the workout, the distance of the workout, the intensity of the workout all matters. So
###### Kevin Chang: [00:19:44]
If you like a podcast and sign up for our newsletter, where we give you weekly tips on how to run your best race and have fun in the process. Just go to RaceMob dot com and sign up today.
that's awesome. Yeah, let's do that those next percent. See, that's the thing to keep your eye out on. Um, it's interesting that you're buying them now, even though your, your races in the fall, do they just like, uh, is inventory low throughout the year?
Or what, why buy now? If, um, if you may not use it for four months,

Bertrand Newson: [00:20:13]

For me, um, I'd rather have them, you know, it's, you know, I have a couple of pair of shoes that have been in boxing and zero miles on them. So.
And that's currently a highly sought after shoe. And, you know, in a size 12 and a half or 13, they're a tougher size to, to pick up. We weren't able to S to get them, then I'd rather have them versus chasing my favorite marathon shoe. And for Chris at running revolution, who's been in this, in the shoe business for, you know, two decades to say that in his words, that is the best racing shoe ever made.
Um, it's pretty profound. So. I've been a fan of that brand. So we'll see again, everyone has their own, you know, their own, uh, preference on foot size, how a shoe shoe fits them, how it performs for them. So I'm not recommending any brand over the other, but, um, yeah, that shoes is on owner will be here shortly.

Kevin Chang: [00:21:03]

Cool. Well, I, I feel like the, the shoe newb, uh, I I've been running into Rockies for a little while. Um, that's the hookah Ona Ona. And yeah, I just have the everyday trainer right now. Um, I don't have anything for speed. I don't have anything yet for long distance run. Although I was looking at, I think hookah has another long distance shoe for pronators, um, that I may take a look at, but.
Yeah, probably looking at my everyday shoe right now. And then I think my next year that we get would be a long distance, um, just for, for, for my longer distance, which is nowhere near your guys as longer distance. But, um,

Bertrand Newson: [00:21:38]

we can run longer the meeting, we've got some issues.

Kevin Chang: [00:21:40]

I guess that may be true. Just, just for now, just for the short term, but yes. Yes. As, as some point I think you may, he may overtake me again, but yeah, maybe I'll rebel in it. Well, right now, well, I

Bertrand Newson: [00:21:51]

can't, what do you want me in the gym help a brother out, right.

Socks: Scott's Recommendation [00:21:54]

Kevin Chang: [00:21:54]

Well, let's talk a little bit about, um, the next thing that people might need, which is socks.
Um, I think, you know, one of the first things, when we asked, when we asked our, our runners, our community. You know, what's one advice that you would give for beginner runner. Surprisingly a number of them had talked about socks and not using cotton socks and, um, finding another pair of socks. And I think that's probably because of some horror stories that we heard along the way around blisters and, and other things that may happen if you're just wearing socks that are not meant for running.
So, uh, talk to us guys. You, you are using a number of different pairs of socks. Um, I've tested a couple here on my own. Uh, what socks do you guys recommend and, and are running in today?

Scott Strool: [00:22:38]

Yeah. So it is the material is the most important, um, the brand, or you can get the material in every, almost every brand.
Uh, but you want to get something that is moisture-wicking and, and not cotton. Uh, cotton is going to just sweat. And it's going to pull the sweat from your legs, especially now it is hot. It was 94 degrees here today in New Jersey man, 78% humidity. So you are just wet as soon as you went outside. Um, they could as Mondays.
And you want to have a, you want to have a sock that doesn't, that that will, that will breathe with you. And then there's the length, right? So, you know, if you w if you're, you know, if you've seen some shoes, you can't see the socket, all that's called like a low cut or a no C type of cut. Those are really good for, you know, if you, if it's really warm and you want to have your legs exposed to the air, and then there are the different links.
So there's a crew, which is a little bit covers your ankles. And then the long one, which comes up to your calf, and then some people like compression for the on tops on tops of their calves. So those are called marathon socks or just high socks. So those might come right under your knee. And those are really good if you just, if you don't want to have something that a little bit more compressive though, when it comes to socks, of course, just like shoes.
I have many pairs of socks. I probably have more socks than I have shoes. Of course I do. But, um, my go-to sock is stance. That's the brand that I like the most and crew is my favorite length for some reason. I just like, I like having my ankles covered. Um, especially if I'm just, if I'm running on trails, I don't want to have my ankles exposed because you could hit a rock and get cut.
The sock has a little bit of protection again against,

Kevin Chang: [00:24:11]

yeah. I think I've tried a number of different. And now I'm trying to remember which ones I'm running in the most. Um,

Socks: Coach B's Recommendations [00:24:18]

Coach. What, which socks do you recommend? I know there's like    out there that people have recommended. There are, um, what are the other ones? Features, features, features another one. Yeah.
People have recommended. Yeah. Yeah. Well, w which, uh, which socks are you running in these days?

Bertrand Newson: [00:24:34]

I look at socks, two different ways. Okay. One like a performance sock and Oregon comfort and beluga for me is a very comfortable sock. Um, so it's comfort first. And then second for me would be features. Um, it's a performance-based sock.
Um, different lens that Scott reference, but lately and lately for me is over the last year and a half, two years. I like, I like things, socks. I like whimsical socks. I like colors. And I'm, you know, rock rocking with beer socks, taco sauce, pizza socks, you know, donut, socks, you know, uh, top of Tio socks. I love just a little move in color and flavor and character.
And I think it mixes things up a bit. Um, it's a way to kind of artistically express yourself. And some of those are performance-based socks and some of them are just, you know, casual socks and I'm just rocking because that's how I'm rolling right now. So. Feel good. Look good. Run good.

Kevin Chang: [00:25:25]

That's awesome. Yeah.
I mean, I think, and especially if you've built your stamina and your distance and everything like you have, and you can probably, you know, rock any type of sock that you want to you you're. Yeah. You've, you've probably built up enough, um, endurance in your feed that, that, that it doesn't,

Bertrand Newson: [00:25:42]

you know, it just, you know, you have to, if it is, if it is a like 5k PR effort day, then you really want to think twice, you know, maybe it is something that is, it is performance-based and comfort based.
Um, not super casual, something that if it's a cath Lincoln's it doesn't have enough staying power. That's going to constantly roll down in your ankle. You don't, you don't want to have to fuss with any of that. So being mindful of your effort, but if it's just casual training day, you know, out with friends and a doughnut run or a pizza run or something like that, have fun, you know, express yourself through your gear, um, extension of your personality.
So I'm a big fan of that.

Socks: Kevin's Recommendations [00:26:16]

Kevin Chang: [00:26:16]

Yeah. And I know like there are different types of socks and styles of socks, their socks that have more cushioning, um, like around the heel and around the toe. And if you're in, you know, fairly cushioned shoes or, or, you know, either daily trainers or long run trainers, you may not need.
That much cushioning in your sock. There are also socks that are, you know, have removed the seams from, from all around the sock. Right? Those are a little bit more of the performance socks. Those that have a little bit more compression on them, uh, maybe shaped for a right foot and a left foot. Um, I think features is kind of along that lines of like, you know, specialized ready for racing.
Um, you're not going to see these blisters because they've completely removed the seams. Along the way. Um, I've also seen like, uh, some people swear by the end Gingy socks. They're like toe socks, the ones where he can wiggle your toes. I have not yet tried them. Um, you know, some people swear by them. They freaked me out a little bit, but, um, but you know, some people swear by, uh, by different types of socks.

Bertrand Newson: [00:27:14]

Hope it tears.

Kevin Chang: [00:27:14]

Yeah. I, I, you know, I think the key is here. Um, it's important to get socks that aren't cotton socks. Feel free to have fun with it a little bit, especially if you've been running for awhile and, you know, there are different difference socks for different folks, different types. Um, we all kind of run in a number of different types of socks, but, um, features beluga and stands are the ones that, you know, if you're just looking for something, you're going to try something new.

Shorts: Coach B's Recommentadions [00:27:40]

Um, those are the ones that we probably recommend at this point in time. Yep. Well, other than socks, I think the other two essentials here are going to be shorts and shirts. I mean, uh, you don't want to be running in cotton. We've heard horror stories, um, some bleeding, uh, bleeding, body parts, bleeding, nipples and stuff from cotton shirts, um, heavy cotton shirts.
So, so talk to us guys a little bit about, um, shorts, short styles, what you're looking for in shorts and then shirts as well. Do you want to start this by Coach?

Bertrand Newson: [00:28:10]

Uh, sure. Let's see here. Um, Lulu lemon Lululemon's, uh, performance brand, um, some would say kind of a luxury brand as well, but very, very durable.
Yes. Some people are concerned about the price point, but those garments last for ever, they really do. Um, let's see. I'm a big fan of. Shorts did have some, the compression built into them as well. Um, so there's an outer layer and an inner layer as well. So it gives your quads, your hamstrings, some layer of, of comfort and support.
And I think there's maybe some performance benefit there, but that's just, that's a personal choice. And the length of the short again, to each their own. Some people like a longer short nine inches. Some people like a slightly shorter, short, um, seven inches, some people like a much shorter short, uh, I know some team members that do that.
I'm not going to call them out because that's how the rolling it's the summer and it's warmer, but, uh, again to each their own.

Shorts: Scott's Recommendations [00:29:07]

So, Scott, uh, your thoughts on shorts gear and the like.

Scott Strool: [00:29:11]

I guess I'm not particular on any specific brand just yet, but a few that I do, like, um, I'll talk about the difference between the lengths and the material more.
Um, I'm a big fan of short tights these days. As a matter of fact, running warehouses, sending me two pair of Nike pro power tights. Um, they should be here Thursday or so, but, um, I swim in tights, so I thought, why don't I give running in tights a little bit of a chance. Um, they don't let any air in, but the fact that they don't move around and the chafing is much limited in a tight, especially in the temperature, in the warmer temperature.
So, um,

Bertrand Newson: [00:29:49]

Scott question here, cause I, I see this in some, some. In some group chats, men, are you running with tights only or are you putting some shorts over?

Scott Strool: [00:30:00]

Came in. Okay. So morning runs just tights. If I can call it a traffic accident or a traffic jam looking at me, I have no problem with that. But if I'm riding on the Saturday group run, yeah.
Then, then shorts are going over the tights. Just be a little bit more mad.

Bertrand Newson: [00:30:16]

We'll have any say in this. Conversation.

Scott Strool: [00:30:18]

I that's where I want it. That's another reason why I run at 6:00 AM. She's still sleeping. She doesn't see me leave the house, but on Saturday she does see me leave.
Yeah. The other trick is don't take, don't take selfies of yourself in tights.

Bertrand Newson: [00:30:31]

No. Chest up,
all it for me, I just always wear shorts over. That's just got it. That's where I met. I love tights running the long short, but I get it, you know? Um, but yeah, so shorts over.

Scott Strool: [00:30:43]

Yeah. And what I wear when I wear regular shorts or, um, you know, shorts that are not tight then, uh, lately I've been wearing the five inch that's, uh, my go-to length and I prefer the online shorts with a running base.
Huh. So rather than have put on a one item, I like the idea of having separate running underwear. Sure. Um, so it's kinda like a tight, uh, and that way I can change the length of that as well. So I have the long tights that go. That go cover my calf or no, not my calf, my glute, my quad. And then I have shorter ones that just are just about the same size as the, uh, as the short.
Um, so you could play with that if you ha, if you keep them separate.

Kevin Chang: [00:31:24]

Is that because you can have more compression in like either the hip area or upper thigh area with yeah. Yeah. And

Scott Strool: [00:31:32]

also if it's, if it's a little bit colder, I would maybe I'd read the longer one thinking that I'm covering more skin. Um, so I would go with the nine inch under running underwear, as opposed to this six, five or seven inch running underwear.
So you have running underwear and five and seven inches.

Kevin Chang: [00:31:47]

Interesting. Yeah. I'm going to have to try that out. Yeah. I've only done the inner lions kind of shorts, but, um, the compression, I don't have anything with compression and you know, I definitely, uh, especially sitting all day, these days, my hip flexors, some of this upper body definitely feels a little bit more sore, the upper thighs and everything.
So that's interesting. I'm going to have to test some of this out and I think at some point we're going to have to invite Jackie. Uh, we've talked about having Jackie on the YouTube channel, but we've gotten a lot of questions, especially from our female audience about what looks good. What's mashing, what, um, you know, what styles should I be taking a look at?
Um, especially with again, shirts we haven't gotten to shirts yet, but the shirts and the shorts, um, w what, what looks good out there? Um, I think that is definitely one of the questions from our audience. So we'll have we'll have her on future podcasts or future YouTube channel or, or both at some point

Bertrand Newson: [00:32:35]

Done deal. We'll make it happen.

Shirts: Scott's Recommendations [00:32:37]

Kevin Chang: [00:32:37]

Alright, shirts, tops. What are you guys in these days? What are you wearing?

Scott Strool: [00:32:41]

Well, when it's 90 degrees, I wear my skin. That's it. Although again, the Mrs has a problem with me for some reason, being out without a shirt on, I don't know why at the pool, I want a shirt. So, um, I prefer, I prefer city list, a tank.
Um, people call them, uh, what do they sometimes call it? Um, I call them tank tops, but they're also called something else. They have another name.

Bertrand Newson: [00:33:01]


Scott Strool: [00:33:02]

Right. So I assume that to me is a shirt you wear only in a race or a regular shirt. So I do have a single it's, a rat rad rabbit shirt, and it's the one that I'm comfortable putting pitting a bit too.
Um, but I also have a lot of tank tops that I'm primarily wearing these days. Um, but again, it's gotta be, um, more polyester, no cotton again. Um, You want it to fit a little bit larger because you want it to be able to move around. So there's no such thing as you don't want to be running in a skin tight shirt.
Um, I think that's quite uncomfortable cause you're going to sweat more in your upper part of your body than your, uh, than your, you know, where your shorts are.
So a little bit of a loose fitting shirt and my favorite shirts. I have a lot of them. Um, my favorite favorite shirt is by. North face is called nothing, nothing but naked, anything.
I mean, you put it on and you feel like you're not wearing anything. And so that's my go-to summer day shirt. Um, is the, uh, North face better than naked? I think it's called that's the name?

Kevin Chang: [00:33:59]

Better than naked. Yeah, it's so interesting because I mean, we just had Dean and we were talking to Dean, uh, thanks to you, Scott, uh, Dean Karnazes and, and, you know, at the time North face, wasn't thinking about running it all.
They weren't thinking about putting it together, you know, running products and Dean kind of convinced them that, Hey, uh, uh, ventures can be urban as well. And so, yeah, I've definitely seen North face, have some running gear over time. I didn't realize that they had, you know, a shirt that was really this conducive to running in and recommended, so.

Scott Strool: [00:34:26]

That is the first expensive shirt I bought. I think that's your cost me like $45. And I couldn't believe I spent $45 on a shirt, but I'm glad I did. Uh, I bought it three years ago and it still looks exactly the same as it did the day I took it out of the package.

Shirts: Coach B's Recommendations [00:34:40]

Kevin Chang: [00:34:40]

That's incredible coach. What, what, what types of shirts or are they all race shirts?
I know, you know, after 200 and something 300 races, you probably have a lot of racers or you may be donating a lot of them these days. Um, what, what types of shirts are you running in?

Bertrand Newson: [00:34:54]

The, the race shirts that I get from participating, those are collector's items. You know, I hang on to them. Some of them are in storage, um, but I'm using it, you know, sport and the rep and the team gear.
So have two, the two legit. You know, a t-shirt or tank top, um, RaceMob, uh, you know, we have a RaceMob podcast shirt that I love wearing as well. You have a lot of Nike tops, um, quarter zips t-shirts to tank some singlets, um, logoed with our, our stuff on there and the same thing with, um, let's see. Um, recently we have some, uh, Lulu limits, uh, gear that as well as made it into the, uh, inventory.
So all in all. Um, but if I'm out and about, I love repping our, our, our fitness family. So I'm usually in some, some team gear on a trailer or on a road somewhere.

Kevin Chang: [00:35:39]

Oh, we know coach, you were, uh, recently modeling a Lulu gear. That's a four allowed to say that if we're allowed to say that on air. So, I mean, you were looking snazzy, you were looking good.
Um, camera focused

Bertrand Newson: [00:35:51]

on the photo shoot. Uh, but uh, yeah, it was a really cool opportunity. Second one second. One of this year. So. Um, thanks to the, uh, our friends at, um, Lulu lemon, Jeffery and Taylor at the Santa Cruz and Santana row, San Jose locations doing great work and really doing their work in, um, supporting that running community, you know, uh, putting it out there, making good resources available.

Kevin Chang: [00:36:15]

Yeah, absolutely. And I know that you're kind of repaying it in kinds that you had not a world runners day, uh, not too long ago. Um, over at Santa Cruz, um, I. Talk to us a little bit about that. I know we're, we're talking about gear, we've got a couple of more items on our gear lists, but, um, talk to us. How was world runner's day?
Um, down in Santa Cruz?

Bertrand Newson: [00:36:34]

Fantastic. I mean, it was in Santa Cruz, California on the coast about just under an hour drive and our community, you know, the RaceMob and two legit communities showed up in droves. I think probably, uh, 75% of the participants were from our team. So. We had a nice little warmup led by Iraj, um, fun and festive music playing in the background.
And we took off from the store to the pier. So to the water and a picture perfect day made our way back to a raffle. And then Lulu lemon gave every single participant, some swag, either shorts and boxers, um, socks, or a, uh, Lulu lemon thermos. Um, super cool. Super cool. And you know, some people bought some gear there as well, so it was a really fun festive community event and honored that we had the opportunity to champion that on global running day.

Kevin Chang: [00:37:27]

That is incredible.

Scott Strool: [00:37:29]

I have, I have one Lula Lennon product that it's a yoga mat. No, I want it at a yoga class at the gym and that a raffle. And it's a great yoga mat. It is. I'll never need another yoga mat.

Kevin Chang: [00:37:40]

Sure. Yeah. One of my favorite shirts is a, a Lulu lemon shirt that I got in Hawaii. It says Aloha on it.
Um, with the little Lulu lemon brand on it. I mean, it both is an amazing shirt. And it just reminds me of that trip. You know, it has good memory. So I think I paid what, like $80 for the shirt, but worth every penny because I wear that thing all the time and it still looks fantastic. Works fantastic. Um, yeah will last forever, so.

Essentials [00:38:07]

All right. Well, we have only a couple of things left on the essentials list. We're going to have part two of this, if not a part three, we're going to try to get you guys all of the gear and items before Amazon prime day. So. On the essentials list. We'll get through it real quick. We think that you need some stuff for the sun.
So, uh, sunscreens, um, I think that is really important these days. There are a lot of, uh, okay. Or maybe, uh, you know, on the downsides, bad sunscreens with a lot of chemicals, harsh chemicals, a lot of plastics that will stay in your system for a long period of time. So, uh, you do want to start looking for mineral based sunscreens.
They're way, way better for you. Uh, so take a look at a couple of the brands. Um, I think think sport is one of those, uh, recommended brands badgers. Another one, that's a recommended brand, but start taking a look at, uh, some sunscreens, um, especially as summer is here and around the corner. Uh, you do want to protect yourself and your skin.
The other one that we have is around hats. Visors we've, we've got some, you know, coach you're rocking the RaceMob visor right now. Um, you know, you do want something there to protect your face from the sun. Um, that is probably the most vulnerable part of your body and it'll help. Cool. You a little bit as well.
So, um, take a look at hats, visors, you know, sunglasses, if you like to run a sunglasses. But some things to protect you from the sun. And I think that will cover all of your essentials, the shoes, the socks, the shorts, the shirts, and you know, the hat or visor and the sunscreen. Um, as long as you have that, at least you've got the essential is at least, you know, you'll be able to get out the door and get on some runs.
Uh, in our next episode, we're going to talk a little bit about, you know, things for the intermediate. So if you're going for a half marathon, if you're going for a marathon, the advance, some of the things that we recommend for those distances, we're going to talk more about recovery. We'll talk more about nutrition and hydration and what we recommend, what we're using behind the scenes.
And for the enthusiast too. So some of those guys that are doing races have races later this year, some of the products that we recommend for you to buy, or if you have an enthusiast in your life, some of the presence we recommend that you buy them. So stay tuned for part two. That'll be coming up next week.
And with that want to say, thank you guys. Thank you, Scott, for joining us today. And we'll have you back on for part two. We'll see you guys all real soon. Thanks.

Episode Outro [00:40:27]

Well, I, I hope you enjoyed this episode of the RaceMob podcast. Check out all of the show notes or find a running buddy online at RaceMob dot com. Please subscribe to us on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your podcasts and leave us a review until next time. Keep on moving.