Top 10 Virtual Races for 2020

Top 10 Virtual Races for 2020


Are you looking for a virtual race or challenge? Something to help with your fitness routine? Bertrand and I broke down our list of the top 10 virtual races in September and October 2020.

Our Full Breakdown of Virtual Races in 2020


#10: Best Local Charity Race

Run for the Children 5K

Raising awareness for child abuse, this race is based out of Fresno, California and has an entry fee of only $20.

This is a wonderful race that you can feel great about running.

#9: Best National Race

Boston Marathon

It's only this low on the list because it's such an exclusive event. It has some amazing swag, and great support for the runners.

Due to the poor air quality in California, runners have a little bit more time to complete the 26.2 miles. And participants get that iconic blue and yellow gear. This is the most presitigious marathon in the world, and we're all grateful that they still held the event this year.

#8: Best General Virtual Event

_San Jose Rock 'n Roll _

Rock 'n Roll is one of the largest marathon production companies in the world. Their series of events is recognized by runners the world over.

They are putting on a great virtual series, and if you want to take part of their virtual challenge - it's FREE!

They also have some great swag if you're willing to pay. Some amazing medals for sure.

#7: Best Virtual Challenge for Penny Pinchers

Quicksilver Trail Challenge

Want a real challenge? Something that will push you to get out of the house day after day? The QUicksilver Trail Challenge is a FREE challenge, that you can participate in day after day after day...

There is a half-marathon course and a 10K course. You get raffle tickets for completing each course - and you're allowed to complete either (or both) every single day during the challenge.

At the end of each week, they draw a raffle ticket and award prizes. Take part in this awesome FREE event.

#6: Race with the Best Run Support

Silicon Valley Half

An amazing organization that made a strong pivot, and is able to deliver a fantastic event. The Silicon Valley Half has a strong history.

On top of that, the runners support is fantastic. Not only is there a training program led by our very own Too Legit Fitness club. But Run Local are master story tellers, and are creating courses for runners throughout the bay.

Plus, this race is part owned by Meb Keflezighi, and rumor has it that he'll show up for one of the upcoming online zoom sessions.

Checkout our full podcast with JT and David from Run Local, where they explain what makes Run Local different. - https://racemob.com/podcast/Run-Local-Innovation

#5: Best Virtual Events for First Timers

Mermaid Series Duathlon/Triathlon Capitola

Mermaid Series has a couple of events in September and October this year. Mermaid specializes in helping first times complete events in a supportive environment. The Capitola event is a Duathlon and Triathlon - so if you're looking for a swim, bike, and run event - the is the one for you. And Mermaid always has great swag and a wonderful online community.

Mermaid Run Across California

The Mermaid Run Across California continues through October - and gives you the opportunity to virtually run from Lake Tahoe to San Francisco. Awesome swag for everyone who completes the event.

Plus, Mermaid is a first class organization run by amazing people. Checkout our interview with Carlo: https://racemob.com/podcast/Mermaid-Series

#4: The Best Race for Raising Social Awareness

_The Race _

Tes is a dynamic personality and amazing race director. The Race is based out of Atlanta and raises awareness for minority led businesses. It has amazing gear - and an entire series of panels to discuss social issues.

Tes kickstarted the Atlanta chapter of Black Girls Run, and then created Running Nerds and Run Social. She's turned her passion in running into a budding career, and is now trying her hand at beer making. You'll want to listen to our podcast. Use the code 'racemob' for 10% off this run and bike event with awesome swag and an amazing cause.

Podcast coming soon!

#3: The Race with the Best Swag

The Big Surreal

Who can beat hand painted medals and some of the most desireable apparel at any race? No one, which is why the Big Surreal made it to the top of our Best Swag list.

The Big Surreal is not just one race, but rather 5 races in one. A 5K, 12K, 11 Miler, 21 Miler, and Marathon. The more events that you complete, the better the swag. Do you think that you can run all five events in September? Check the event out to see - and snag some of the most desired prizes in the industry.

Podcast: https://racemob.com/podcast/Big-Surreal

#2: Spookiest Race

The Haunted Bay Area Tour

We have to give props to Marathon Matt for coming up with this spooky challenge. Over the course of 240 miles, you'll be able to unlock Bay Area Haunts virtually. The first haunt is the Winchester Mystery House - right near my house.

By unlocking the virtual haunts, you'll be treated to a digital experience - and follow the story of an young paranormal explorer.

On top of that - you'll receive a glow in the dark medal and shirt. Great gear, interesting format, and fantastic storytelling - we think that Sasquatch racing has a real winner here.

Plus - They're raffling off one of their famous Sasquatch hats to RaceMob members. So check out this giveaway for your chance to win!
Giveaway: https://racemob.com/giveaway

#1: Best Race for Trail Runners


The TOGETHERelay takes the top spot in our list. Over 400 miles of mapped trails over 70 segments - this race is massive. Not only has the team painstakenly mapped out all of the routes, detailes the trails, and provided a community to help answer questions. But they've worked with PWRLabs to seamlessly connect the experience to your GPS device.

Go out, start your watch or phone, and complete the trail. And when you get home, you'll automatically get added to the leaderboard. This is a true technical feat to be sure.

On top of that, the team is dedicated to teaching you how to plan your trail races. And they've added some beautiful (if not extremely challenging) routes to the course.

Great swag to boot. If you're looking for a real challenge this fall, and want to find a way to explore the entire Bay Area - grab a friend (or 9), create a team, and enter the TOGETHERelay.

Need a buddy? Checkout our new community site launching next week to find a friend.