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Amanda Hicks

Fairfield, California

46 years old, female

GunBunFunRun 5K

BIB: 4140

Date of Event: July 20, 2014

Location: Sonoma, CA

Distance: 5K

Official time: 00:44:07


Icon star Icon star Icon star Icon star Icon star Amanda Hicks race notes - 7/21/2014 Actual distance run was 3.22 according to RunKeeper but for the sake of keeping the chart clean, I'm just going to classify this as a straight 5K. (note: 3.22 miles with a 44:43 finish is a 13:53 pace) Ran 10.22 miles the previous day, so this was the best pace I could pull off! Had SO much fun at this race. The course was pretty and easy, the course support was awesome, and the finish line was super fast to get through. Race shirt is really cool and something I would wear often. Only half marathon finishers get a medal and tech shirt; 5K finishes simply get a regular cotton shirt. However, all participants get to partake of the post-race snack bags and cold beverages. The wine tasting afterwards was a lot of fun! Good wines and cool people, and the plaza was the best place for this!


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