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Best Springfield, Illinois Races

View some of the best races in Springfield, Illinois! RaceMob's race calendar allows you to find races that suits your needs. Use our advanced filters below or calendar on the right, and discover new races. We try to maintain up to date information, and rely heavily on our community of volunteers. If you find a race that we're missing, use the "Suggest Race" button on the right. Find RaceMob discounts that others have added or add deals that you've discovered.

    Springfield, IL

    3.21 miles away

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    Frostbite Festival

    The Frostbite Festival runs on the first Sunday of December each year, so you never know what kind of weather we'll get!  There are two options for these out-and-back races: the 2 mile and 10 mile race.  The races start simultaneously at 9:00 a.m. 

    • 5K, , 1/2M, 10K

    Springfield, IL

    1.58 miles away

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    Iceman Series 2020 - 21

    The 2020-21 Iceman Series: Run a progressive series of runs and extend your running season all the way through the winter months. We begin and end at a local restaurant/bar and your registration fee includes a $5 coupon for food and drinks after y...

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