Race for Black Lives Matter

Saturday July 4th, 2020

Wallingford, CT

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Join me in donating to the Black Lives Matter Global Network and racing for the movement on July 4th! 

Throughout the most recent protests and events in the Black Lives Matter movement, I have been trying to figure out how I can best use my privilege, skills, resources, and time. As a white woman and educator of young folks, I know that I have the privilege and ability to educate myself and others, and to do everything I can to further create safe, equitable spaces, to acknowledge publicly the history of our country and the organizations that I've been a part of, to be vocal about the BLM movement and to amplify BIPOC voices in all spaces. Beyond that, I have been struggling to figure out where to best apply my privilege and resources. I currently live with my parents and cannot physically protest due to risk of exposure to COVID-19, and my bank account is not full enough to continue donating my own funds to various businesses and organizations. Maybe you feel similarly, or maybe your situation is very different but you are still looking for ways to show your support and to continue to take action for the BIPOC people who deserve much more than our country has given to or allowed for them. 

Because of this, I've decided to try something new. I am hosting a virtual race for donations. The Race for Black Lives Matter will occur virtually, wherever you can take part, on July 4th from 5:00 am to 11:59 pm. This race will be donation based (plus processing fees), so pay what you can to the Black Lives Matter Global Network (link in the registration form), donate what you can to a different BLM organization of your choice and forward me your receipt (https://nymag.com/strategist/article/where-to-donate-for-black-lives-matter.html), or, if you can't pay, just join the race, share the event, and show your support and solidarity. Feel free to pass this event on to others in your life! You can sign up for any of the three events, and you can run or walk for whatever length you desire. Please map your routes on some sort of tracker device, take a picture, and send it to me when you've completed the race! There will be a Facebook group for everyone to post in as well, which will have updates and maybe some fun playlists, weekly goals, running schedules, etc. On the day of the race please wear black and feel free to wear pins, signs, or write on your body to indicate that you are running for the BLM movement. Let's make some noise people! 

The 4th of July is historically a day of white American pride-- it is the day that we became our own independent country, but this was not an all inclusive event. Black people still did not have their independence or freedom. By running on July 4th, I hope we can redirect the classic American celebratory events toward something that's more productive and supportive of the black lives in our country. If we want to be proud of our country, we need to make some progress first. 

"But what happens if I win?" you may be asking. There will be a prize (TBD, but most likely hand crafted things) awarded and sent to 1) the time-based winner of each event (5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon), 2) the person who donates (or raises) the most money (either for BLM or for another organization, 3) the person is able to get the most other folks to sign up. At the end of the event I will announce the winners of each section. Reach out if you have any questions! [email protected] 

Lastly, on the following day I will bike one mile for every person who has registered and donated for this event (this is subject to change, as I may need to break the biking up into multiple days if we get too many people), and anyone else is welcome to join if you want! 

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