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Virtual Firecracker Chase

Starts Sunday June 21st, 2020

Fayetteville, TN

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Hayden’s Hope and the Quatina M. Wolaver Foundation of Hope are excited to announce the first ever virtual running of the Firecracker Chase for 2020! This is a classic road race that has been held on and off for several decades in the beautiful town of Fayetteville, TN and is being brought to you virtually by our top sponsor, the 'rona. The last Chase took place in 2018, and we were very much looking forward to bringing this fun little event back to Lincoln County on June 27, 2020, but in the interest of health and due to so many unknowns, we are going to have to go the virtual route this year. This gives us a whole year to make the 2021 Firecracker Chase the best it's ever been!

New Course!  We were excited about this, too, but now, if you choose to take the virtual route, you pick the new course! Treadmill, dreadmill, greenway, trail, road, you name it - anything goes! Just get out there and cover 5K or 10.2 miles any way you like it and know that we are cheering your on BIG TIME!

Weather  If the June 27th date doesn’t already give it away, THIS IS A TRADITIONALLY HOT EVENT, and we ain’t just talkin’ the swag! Please be aware of this so you can train and plan accordingly. We will not be there to help ya if you fall out so, be wise; take a lot of water with ya if you're heading out on a 10.2 mile journey. :) We'd like everyone to complete the event on the traditional day to keep as much of the Firecracker spirit alive and well as we can, but we understand some folks may not be able to do that so, we're giving you the whole week! Cover your distance anytime between 21 - 27 June and you're good with us!

Cutoff  The beautiful thing about a virtual event is that cutoffs don't exist! Take your time! Enjoy the stroll or throw down a PR - you can't mess this one up no matter what, and there will be no grim sweepers following and taunting you!

Awards Because there's no way to truly level the playing field with everyone running different courses at whatever time and day they'd like, we opted to do away with awards for the virtual race. We know, we know...but c'mon! You know none of it would be legit anyway so, do this one for fun, your health, to support a couple of majorly worthy non-profits ;), and for the t-shirt & finisher's medal. Afterwards, go have yourself a biscuit...because, let's be honest, that's what most of you wanted, anyway!

SWAG!  Each runner (any distance) THAT IS REGISTERED BY JUNE 12th will receive a t-shirt. If you miss that date, your t-shirt will also be virtual just like this race (please do not send us finisher pix of you wearing your virtual t-shirts...or maybe do lol). All runners completing the 10.2 mile course will receive a Firecracker medal of SOME kind...full disclosure here: at this time, registration is super-low, and, because we don't expect as big of a turn out for the virtual event, we will not be able to provide the traditional FC fancy medals. They're just too expensive in low quantities and we're 2 Broke Non-Profits. BUT we do have some medals and you will get one. We may even add something about the 'rona on them...no promises. There could be handmade flourishes, who knows?!...they'll be unique, let's just say that. The name of the game this year is fun...keep that in the very , VERY front of your mind and we'll all get through this just fine. Additionally, for everyone registered by June 12th, you still  have the option to take a $5 discount on your registration instead of a t-shirt (instead of a size, select -$5 in the t-shirt dropdown). And, let me say it again for those in the back: register by June 12th if you live for the free T! We will mail Ts & medals out or do a pickup for locals, if the 'rona permits.

Aid Stations  You're on your own. I hear children and spouses make excellent aid station workers.

PLEASE NOTE:  This race is NOW OPEN to strollers, baby joggers, or pets. Probably (hopefully) the one and only time this will ever happen so, take advantage! Yes, beast mom that runs all her miles pushing her triplets, this means you! Push them babies, girl! Or you, bada$$ mom and dad team that take turns pushing the stroller - do the dang thang! Regale us with your show of speed while pushing an additional 40 lbs in front of you up hills. And you, person that LOVES THEIR DOG MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD AND TAKES THEM EVERYWHERE! Take Fido (or Garfield or Ferret Fawcett or whoever) for a run! Make sure you bring them water and watch for hot concrete on soft paws!

FINALLY:  No one will see your times unless you post them in the event discussion here. We want to see all your finisher pix with #firecrackerchase20aintnoronagonnastopus or #wewantbiscuitsdangit, watch photos, app screen shots posted there, Insta, or where ever you do your posting! We love you guys for bearing with us through this tough decision and hope we have offered options that accommodate everyone's needs, but if we haven't, send us a FB message or an email and we'll see what we can do to make it right!

Proceeds from this race will benefit Hayden’s Hope and the Quatina M. Wolaver Foundation of Hope, which are both 501(c)3 organizations headquartered in Lincoln County, TN. Because of this a portion of your registration will be tax deductible. 

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49 Quick School Road, Fayetteville, TN

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