Burn Your Half Off, An Awesomesauce Event presented by Run Chattanooga

Starts Saturday July 11th, 2020

Chattanooga, TN

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What's better than running by yourself? Running with a bunch of crazy fun people, that's what! Spend your Saturday morning running or walking along the beautiful Tennessee River, with a bunch of the funnest people you've ever met.

We are BACK to our usual course!! Woohoo! That means you'll park at the Hubert Fry Center, and the half marathon course is 3 laps to the west, 2 to the east, alternating, with the aid station in the middle. 10K does one lap of the west side of the course, one lap of the east, and a tiny out and back to get to the correct mileage. 5K does the west side of the course and a short out and back section on the east side. 

Other important stuff:
- Prices are not necessarily date dependent as they show up on your screen; just because that date is there, doesn't mean that the price can't increase BEFORE then. Due to limited parking and space, prices will increase as the race fills up. There IS a cap.
- There are toilets that flush and sinks with running water and soap.
- This is a running and walking event that is MUCH more about camaraderie and fun, not competition. Everyone gets a finisher medal, but the only "award" is the coveted Sloth Society medal that goes to the person who completes the race last. (You must earn it HONESTLY!) 

You will come back to the start/finish/super aid station area multiple times throughout the race. This means you're welcome to leave a drop bag to access your own personal goodies and you can shed layers as you warm up. This is also a good place to reapply sunscreen, address any potential issues such as blisters, etc.

Our races are super low-key and non-competitive; we'd prefer to race you vs. you, not you vs. anyone else. There is a 4 hour time limit for all distances. (If you're close to finishing past the time limit, we'll stick around to make sure you get a finish time and a medal - we're not in the business of taking your hard work away from you, nor do we want you to feel rushed in the heat - but we do have to be checked out of the pavilion.)

Your registration fee includes entry into the race distance of your choosing, race swag, finisher medal for all distances, and our usual aid station setup including Gatorade, water, Gu, banana smoothies, unlimited ice, all kinds of snacks and post-race food.

Our vendors aren't all back up and running at 100% just yet, so swag will be similar to what we did last year, bringing out all kinds of stuff from the warehouse so that you have options and can choose your own swag. Shirts (cotton and dry-fit, unisex and women's cuts), tank tops, beach towels, hats, pint glasses, all kinds of things will be in the swag shop, and you can just choose what makes your heart happy. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be able to pull off a new shirt design to add to the mix this year! There will definitely be medals in our typical sugar skull motif!

As with any other race put on by any other company, registration fees and add-on fees are final and are not refundable or transferable for any reason. The waiver that you agree to as part of your registration indicates your acceptance of this policy, which is standard in the industry. Prices are subject to change. The races will go on rain, snow (ha!), or shine. We will delay or cancel due to lightning or any other unsafe conditions. 


Making individual codes for every person who deferred or transferred a race in 2020 would take a really long time, and it's just way too labor intensive to make sense, so we have set codes for each race that we were forced to cancel last year. If you were one of the people affected (i.e. you paid for a race last year and did not attend and did not choose the virtual option, due to the pandemic), here is what you do: Register, DO NOT PAY, use the coupon code that refers to the race that you did NOT complete and did NOT choose to do virtually. You may only use this code ONCE. The code may be used for a distance equal to or shorter than the one you were originally signed up for. We WILL be checking the list to catch anyone who fraudulently uses a code, and you will NOT be permitted to participate on race day, and will be banned from all future Awesomesauce events, so we suggest you don't try any funny business. DO NOT use the codes if you were NOT signed up for these races in 2020. DO NOT use the codes if you chose to have a virtual packet mailed to you. 

If you pay for your race registration without using the code, you will NOT be refunded. Do not pay and then email us or ask us on race day for a refund because you were due a race deferral/transfer. Runsignup charges us to refund you, and it's a hefty fee that makes us lose a lot of money, so we will not do it.

Things are still VERY touch and go this year, and we do not expect all of our races to be scheduled in 2022. We are taking each state, municipality, and park one at a time and doing our very best to get as many races up and running as possible. Many factors contribute to whether or not a race can happen. Like with this park, they were willing to work out a compromise on location for us, while keeping everything else the same, but not all locations are operating with such flexibility and being willing to accommodate our standards. If the race you want to hold out for is not open for registration, that is because we simply DO NOT KNOW if it will be happening. We don't have a crystal ball. There are a lot of things outside of our control, many people involved in making decisions as to whether races can go on. Emailing to ask isn't going to get you an answer, because if we KNOW we are able to have a race, we will post it on our website and open registration. Your race transfer/deferral will be good until at least 2023, so you can wait on using it if you'd prefer.

RUNAMOK2020 - Run Amok (Chattanooga, TN)
KOOKY2020 - Kooky Not Spooky (Chattanooga, TN)
SPOOK2020 - Spookasaurus (Orlando, FL)
MO2020 - Mo Bell (Dickson, TN)
BURNGA2020 - Burn Your Half Off Georgia (Canton, GA)
BURNORL2020 - Burn Your Half Off Orlando (Orlando, FL)
BURNKY2020 - Burn Your Half Off Kentucky (Paducah, KY)
HOT2020 - Some Like It Hot (Knoxville, TN)
BURNTN2020 - Burn Your Half Off Tennessee (Chattanooga, TN)
BURNOH2020 - Burn Your Half Off Ohio (Dayton, OH)
SSD2020 - Sweet Southern Discomfort
DAM2020 - That Dam Race (Chattanooga, TN)
UNICORN2020 - Born To Be a Unicorn (Orlando, FL)
FLAMINGLE2020 - Let's Flamingle (Ocala, FL)
RACCOON2020 - Run Raccoon Mountain (Chattanooga, TN)
WILDTHINGS22 - Wild Things (Ocala, FL)

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4301 Amnicola Highway, Chattanooga, TN

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