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RACE at Your Own PACE to #ShadeOutDM (Virtual RACE)

Starts Monday November 1st, 2021

your city, CA

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2021 Race At Your Own Pace to #ShadeOutDM

DM - Degenerative Myelopathy (also known as the Canine version of ALS / Lou Gehrig's Disease) is a genetic disease that can affect over 100 breeds of dogs!  It is caused by a degeneration of white matter in the spinal cord (the fibers that transmit movement commands from the brain to the legs) and typically occurs between 8-14 years of age (while some may develop the symptoms even sooner). It presents first with the loss of coordination of one of the hind legs and over time will typically worsen and result in paralysis of both hind legs. Most dogs will become incontinent (both bowels and urine - which can lead to Urinary Tract Infections), and over time, this debilitating disease will progress to paralysis in the front legs, organ failure and respiratory failure. DM is OFTEN misdiagnosed as many vets do not know about DM. It CAN be PREVENTED by genetic testing prior to breeding & making well educated choices!!! The numbers of PUPS that are developing it now are GROWING!!!  NOW is the TIME to SPEAK for the PUPS!!!


  • WALK, RUN, RIDE or even ROLL to help get the word out! We MUST speak for the PUPS that are forced to take this horrid DM Journey while it CAN be PREVENTED! 

  • You & your pups to participate VIRTUALLY!!!  Register for the event & choose a WARRIOR TEAM... & share your pics in your city on our #ShadeOutDM facebook page! 


Online Registration is only available due to COVID.  If you need assistance registering online email [email protected]

Participants are asked to Register ON-LINE then you will receive a Bib (Race Number) in the email.  It's OKAY to type ZERO for the Donation part (we tried to remove it but unfortunately it is built into the Program)... & if you don't feel comfortable sharing your personal information then you can skip it.

All Proceeds from this Event will go to ShadeOutDM Foundation, Inc., DM research AND KC's Kruisers loaner cart program (a non-profit organization) providing quality loaner carts for all breeds & all sizes of pups in NEED...

Direct donations may be made thru the www.shadeoutdm.org website.



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Race At Your Own Pace to #ShadeOutDM (Hybrid) Click to Find Out Register »
Race At Your Own Pace to #ShadeOutDM ... Click to Find Out Register »

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